Sidney Snail is the creation of Barbara Brewin and Lenard W Eccles, here is a little bit about them.

Barbara Brewin Barbara Brewin | Author

Barbara Brewin - Author

Barbara Brewin was brought up in the quiet and peace of the countryside (apart from tractors starting out early in the morning and the wonderful cockerels crowing). A sound all true country people love (even a 3 in the morning!). Brought up with cats, who in turn brought mice and rabbits, the writer did not like this and so began a life of trying to get all the animals to be nice to each other! A losing battle most times.This environment gave her a love of all animals, both tame and wild and a desire to wish all animals could get on with each other.

As this was impossible the next best thing was to write about animals. Two years ago this happened out of the blue and is a dream come true.  The writer was at 15 years old believed to be the youngest church organist in the country. After leaving school, working and bringing up a family she decided to go into law and trained for 4 years to become a Legal Executive.

Now living in New Zealand the garden brings to life many of the stories in the books. The animals are a joy to behold and especially “the Horaces” a family of hedgehogs we inherited when we moved here 15 years ago and who still visit every year with their babies. I hope young readers will come to love the characters in real life as I do.

Lenard W Eccles | Illustrator

 Lenard W Eccles | Illustrator

Lenard grew up in the little town of Monrovia, Las Angeles County, California, USA. Completed 12 years of school, graduating in 1954 from Pacific HS in SanBernardino California. He joined the US Coast Guard in 1955 and spent the next 21 years serving his country. Married in 1959 to Judy J. Waddell in Santa Barbara, California. They had 3 children the oldest a son, and 2 daughters.

Lenard is a Poet, Writer, Lyricist, as well as an artist. He is the President of his local writers club, The Tacoma Writers Club.

He Met The Author while Illustrating children’s stories on a Website for Children, Illustrating some of her stories by request from the webmaster. He has been working with Barbara Brewin since.