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Pego, The Sea Unicorn

Pego, the sea unicorn

In the mighty ocean lived a little seahorse. He was a very young seahorse learning to swim in the shallow water along the sandy shore. He loved to play hide and seek in the sea grass with his friends. He had many sea animals to visit such as sea urchins, starfish, clams and many others. He was loved by all these ocean creatures. His mother and father taught him to be respectful and kind to everyone.

One bright, sunny afternoon while playing near a pool of water by some low rocks, he could see his face in the water. There was a funny little bump on his forehead which made him look different from all the other seahorses, even his mother and father. When he asked his parents what is was, they didn’t know.

Little seahorse looking at his reflection

Every day the bump kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and it began to twist. The little seahorse was very curious about why it was there and growing so fast. He didn’t remember hitting his head on one of the rocks, which could have caused the bump. What could it be?

As it grew it became more twisty and pointy at the end. That really worried the little seahorse. He had to find out what it was, but who could tell him? He thought to himself, ‘maybe the starfish can tell me’. So he went to see the starfish to ask him what this funny, twisty, pointy thing on his forehead was.

“Hello, Mr. Starfish, how are you today?”

Seahorse talking to the starfish

“I am just fine, little seahorse, how are you doing, you look very worried about something. Could it be that funny, twisty, pointy thing on your forehead?”
“Why, yes it is. Can you tell me what it is and why it is on my forehead?”
MR. Starfish didn’t know, but he said “King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea can tell you.”

This was good news for the little sea horse, so he asked Mr. Starfish where he could find King Neptune. But Mr. Starfish didn’t know where King Neptune was. The little seahorse would have to search for him. But this was a big, big ocean and the little seahorse was a very tiny creature. Who could he ask where to find King Neptune?

So the little seahorse started out on his journey to find the wise King of the Sea. As he swam along he met Mother Whale and her young baby.

Little seahorse meets a baby whale and its mother

“Hello, Mrs. Whale.”
“Why, hello, little seahorse. What are you doing so far away from home, and what is that funny, twisty, pointy thing on your forehead?”
He said with a sad look in his eyes, “I don’t know, so I am looking for King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea, to ask him if he knows what it is. Do you know where I can find him?”
“Little seahorse, I have been up north in the whale nursery giving birth to my baby and I haven’t seen him in a long time. But I am sure someone can tell you where he is.” She showed off her baby. “This is Melody, my new daughter.”
The little seahorse smiled at the baby and said, “Hello, Melody, I am a little seahorse and it is nice to meet you.” Then he said goodbye and started off again on his search for King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea.

Suddenly a giant squid popped up in front of the little seahorse. He was startled because he had never seen a giant squid before.

“Hello, little seahorse, how are you, and what are you doing so far from home?” He pointed to the seahorse’s head with one of his long arms. “What is that funny, twisty, pointy thing on your forehead?”

The little seahorse said, “Hello, Mr…..ummmm….”

Little seahorse meets Mr. Giant Squid

The giant squid laughed and replied, “I am Mr. Giant Squid and I have many arms.”
The little seahorse was a bit embarrassed because he hadn’t known the creature’s name, but he was polite and greeted the giant squid with a “Hello.” Looking sad, he said, “I don’t know what this funny, twisty, pointy thing is growing out of my forehead, so I am searching for King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea. Maybe he can tell me what it is and where it came from.”

Mr. Giant Squid said. “I would help you, but I have many things to do myself. Good luck in your search.” And off he swam with his many arms swishing him along. The little seahorse was left alone to decide where to look next.

By this time he was getting very tired and hungry, so he stopped to rest and look for the tiny brine shrimp that were his favorite food. After a good meal and a much needed rest, the little seahorse began his search once again. He had been swimming a long way from home and had been gone from his family a long time. He needed to find King Neptune soon so he could return home with news about the funny, twisty, pointy thing on his forehead.

Suddenly he saw something scary. “Oh, there is Mr. Mean Shark!” He said to himself. “I’d better hide behind these rocks before he sees me.” Not finding anything tasty to eat, the shark soon swam away.

Little seahorse hides from Mr.Mean Shark

“Wow! That was close! But he is gone now, so I can come our from behind these rocks and be on my way.” The little seahorse didn’t know if Mr. Mean Shark would eat him or not, but he didn’t want to take any chances. “I think I can go now and look for King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea.”

By this time the funny, twisty, pointy thing on his forehead was becoming bigger and bigger and longer. But he didn’t notice how long it was growing because he couldn’t see it. The little seahorse was swimming along enjoying the ocean view when he felt a sudden shock.

“OW! What was that?” he exclaimed.

Little seahorse meets Mr. Electric Eel

“Oh, I’m sorry, little seahorse. It was just me, Mr. Electric Eel, scratching my back on this rocky ledge. By the way, what is that funny, twisty, pointy thing on your forehead?”

The little seahorse told him “I don’t know what it is or why it is there. I’m searching for King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea. Do you know where I can find him? Maybe he can tell me what this is and why it is on my forehead.”

“No I haven’t seen him, “ said Mr. Electric Eel, “but if you keep travelling in the direction you are going, I am sure you will find him.”
“Oh, thank you, Mr. Electric Eel. Thank you so very much.” The little seahorse began swimming again in the same direction.

He hadn’t travelled very far when he met Mr. Giant Clam. “SNAP, SNAP,” went Giant Clam, opening and shutting his huge shell.

Little seahorse meets Mr. Giant Clam

The little seahorse swam quickly out of Giant Clam’s way. “That was too close for comfort”, he said to himself. On he went. Soon he saw Mrs. Jellyfish and her little jellyfish children playing in the sand on the bottom of the ocean floor.

“Hello, Mrs. Jellyfish. How are you and your little jellyfish today? It looks as if they are having lots of fun.”

Little seahorse meets Mrs. Jellyfish and her children

Mrs Jellyfish looked up and said, “Hello, little seahorse. What is that funny, twisty, pointy thing sticking out of your forehead?”

The little seahorse was feeling so unhappy about the funny, twisty, pointy thing that had grown out of his forehead, he almost cried, “I don’t know, Mrs. Jellyfish. I am searching of King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea, to ask him if he knows what it is and why it is growing out of my forehead. I am so tired. I have been swimming many miles in search of him. Can you help me?”

Mrs. Jellyfish thought for a minute and then said, “I’m not sure, little seahorse, I have heard that he is not too far from here. But you must watch out for Mr. Stingray. He is in a nasty mood today. He accidentally stung himself with his tail and it must hurt very much.”

Mr. Stingray

The little seahorse thanked Mrs. Jellyfish and told her he would be very careful of Mr. Stingray. So off he went again in search of King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea.

Suddenly there was a giant shadow over the little seahorse. “My, oh, my!” he gasped. “What is that?”

“It is I, Mr. Stingray, and I don’t feel very good today.”

Little seahorse meets Mr. Stingray

“I am very sorry to hear that Mr. Stingray. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”
“Well, I don’t know what a little seahorse with a funny, twisty, pointy thing sticking out of his forehead could do to make me feel better.”
“Well, I am not sure,” replied the little seahorse, “maybe I could rub the tender spot with my twisty, pointed whatever-it-is on my forehead. Perhaps it will help soothe you and make you feel better.”
Mr Stingray said, “Very well, you can try.” So the little seahorse gently rubbed the sore spot where Mr. Stingray had stung himself.
“Ah!” cried Mr. Stingray. “That feels so good, little seahorse. Can you rub just a little more?” So the little seahorse rubbed for a little while longer.
Then Mr. Stingray said, “You have made me feel much better. The sore spot isn’t tender any more.”

Little seahorse helps Mr. Stingray feel better

So a friendship began between them. But Mr. Stingray was curious about the thing on little seahorse’s head. “By the way, what is that funny, twisty, pointy thing growing out of your forehead?”

With a gloomy look, the little seahorse replied, “I don’t know. I am trying to find King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea, to see if he can tell me what it is and why it is on my forehead. Do you know where I can find him, Mr. Stingray? I really need to talk to him.”

Mr. Stingray thought for a minute, then pointed with his long, whip-like tail, “If you swim in a straight line in that direction, I think you will find Miss Maddie Mermaid. She can take you to King Neptune.”

“Thank you, Mr. Stingray, for helping me.”
“Well, thank you, little sea horse, for making me feel better and causing my tender spot to heal.”
“You are very welcome, Mr. Stingray. I am glad I was able to be of help to you. Goodbye now and have a nice day.”

Off he went to find Miss Maddie the Mermaid. When he swam up to the surface to look for her, he met the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. With her long, flowing yellow hair and a tail like a fish, he knew this must be Maddie the Mermaid.

Little seahorse meets Miss Maddie the Mermaid

“What is your name?” asked the little seahorse.

A sweet voice answered him, “Why, little seahorse, my name is Maddie…Maddie Mermaid. And what is your name, little seahorse?”
Shyly he said, “My name is….umm…ah, I don’t know, I don’t have a name. Everyone just calls me little seahorse.”
“Oh, I see,” said Maddie the Mermaid. “What is that funny, twisty, pointy thing growing out of your forehead?”
“I don’t know. I am looking for King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea, to ask him what it is and why it is on my forehead.”
Maddie Mermaid said, “Little seahorse, I know just where he is. Will you follow me?”
“Yes, I will, Maddie Mermaid. I am very excited to meet him.”

Little seahorse follows the mermaid

The little seahorse followed the mermaid to a magnificent sea palace. Many beautiful fish were swimming around near the high walls. He had never seen anything like it in his whole life.

Maddie Mermaid told little seahorse all about King Neptune and his kingdom. Then they went inside the king’s palace.

Little seahorse and Maddie the Mermaid arrive at the palace

“Oh, my! Oh, my!” exclaimed the little seahorse. “This is even more beautiful than outside.”

Soon they were standing before the throne of King Neptune. The little seahorse was speechless. There before him sat the wise King of the Sea, King Neptune, holding a trident in his right hand.

He had flowing white hair and a white beard. He was clothed in his shimmering robes of the sea. “How grand he looks,” thought the little seahorse.

Little seahorse meets King Neptune

Maddie Mermaid spoke first. “King Neptune, sir, this little seahorse is here to ask you a very important question.”

King Neptune looked down at the little seahorse with the funny, twisty, pointy thing growing out of his forehead and asked, “What is it you want to ask me, little seahorse?”

The little seahorse was so nervous that he couldn’t seem to think.

“Now, now, little seahorse,” coaxed King Neptune, “you have come a long way to ask me, the King of the Sea, something very important. Don’t be afraid to speak up.”

The little seahorse gathered his thoughts together and asked the important question, “Well, Mr. King, I mean Sir, that s…ah…what is this funny, twisty, pointy thing growing out of my forehead? Where did it come from and what is it for?” The little seahorse finally got all the words out and was relieved to see that the king was listening to him with interest. “It all started to grow from a small bump into this long, funny, twisty, pointy thing. I seem to be the only one with something like this sticking out of my forehead.”

King Neptune spoke to the little seahorse with kindness and authority because he was the wise King of the Sea. “Just sit here next to me and listen to the very important story I’m going to tell you. I know everything that goes on in my kingdom. So I know you have been very kind to everyone you have met on your journey here. You also helped Mr. Stingray when he had stung himself. That was a very brave thing to do.

Little seahorse talking to King Neptune

“You have always shown respect to others. You never say bad things to anyone and are always ready to help when someone is in need. Because you are a very wise and good little seahorse, I have chosen you to receive a very special gift. But you must use it wisely the way you did to heal Mr. Stingray. He is very grateful to you and will always count you as his friend. You proved that no matter how dangerous the task, you are willing to be of service. You were ready to risk your life to be helpful. Mr. Stingray is well and healthy now because you helped him.

“Now you will no longer be just a seahorse. You will be a Sea Unicorn and the twisty, pointy thing on your forehead will be known as a Unihorn. The name comes from the earth’s Unicorn Horse with a twist, pointy horn in the middle of his forehead. His horn has healing powers that he uses to help others in his world. With the gift of healing and comfort in your unihorn, you will be able to help creatures of the sea.


“Now you have earned a place in history as the very first Unicorn of the sea, and from now on, your name will be Pego, after the flying horse called Pegasus. Have you ever heard of Pegasus? He was a beautiful white horse with wings that could carry him off to many far places like a bird and with lots of speed.


He was not afraid of anything. He was King Zeus’ favorite flying horse, and many young brave men tried to catch him for themselves but could never catch him. He was always doing good for people in his world. One day he flew up among the stars, where he now makes his home. He is the flying horse of the sky You have earned this name because of your good deeds.

“I know you will use this gift wisely. Thank you for making the long journey to see me. And you can thank my friend Maddie Mermaid for bringing you to me, as well as all of my friends who showed you the way. Goodbye now, my little sea unicorn friend. Come and see me any time. Maddie will guide you safely home.”

Pego said his goodbyes, too. “Goodbye, Mr…Sir…King Neptune, and I will always remember your kind words. I will live my life so that I am worthy of this great gift of love and healing.”

Maddie Mermaid and Pego then left on the long journey back to his home. When they arrived, a large crowd of all his family and friends were there to greet them. Pego introduced Maddie Mermaid to everyone, then thanked her for all she had done for him.

“Maddie, you will be my best friend forever,” he exclaimed.

Little seahorse thanks Maddie the Mermaid for her help

Maddie bent over and gave him a big kiss on his unihorn. “I’ll come to visit you often,” she said with a smile as Pego hugged her goodbye.

Maddie the Mermaid says goodbye and swims away

Pego remembered the words of King Neptune, “With the gift of healing and comfort in your unihorn, you will also be able to help creatures of the sea.” He went about helping his family, friends, and other creatures of the sea.

Written By Lenard W. Eccles©