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Sidney In Clover

Sidney Snail opened his eyes and gave a great big yawn. Slowly he got out of bed. The weather had been a mixture of rain and sunshine so there were plenty of lettuce and other vegetables in the garden. It was June and everything was green and fresh with plenty of places to find clean water.

After breakfast Sidney washed and put on a new shirt. He would go find Ripple the Rabbit.

Ripple was not in his usual place. Sidney began to walk to the pond. Perhaps Frankie Frog would know where Ripple was. Frankie was pleased to see Sidney. The two friends waved to Pip and Pippa who were swimming in the pond. As the friends turned a corner there was Ripple. A great big grin filled Ripple’s face. “What are you looking so pleased for?” asked Sidney.
“I am happy because I have found a patch of clover.”
“What on earth is clover?” asked Sidney and Frankie together. Ripple smiled at his friends and said “clover is a food all rabbits love to eat, especially pink clover. I am so lucky because there are no cows in the garden so I can have it all to myself.”

Sidney and Frankie looked at the patch of clover in the garden. The flower was pretty, but the green leaves were even prettier. Frankie and Sidney tried to eat the clover but spat it out.
“Good” said Ripple “there will be all the more for me.”
“That tasted awful,” said Sidney “do you eat the leaves as well?” “Sometimes” replied
“but it is the clover which is good. The people in the house do not like the clover and they try to get rid of it so I eat it.”

The leaves are very pretty,” said Sidney “but why do they have three leaves?” “They have
Three leaves because each leaf represents something – a symbol.”
“What is a symbol?” asked Sidney. Ripple who of course knew almost everything
answered “a symbol is something that has a special meaning. The clover is in the shape of a Shamrock and one leaf represents hope, another faith, and the other charity.” “But what is…” Before the friends could finish their question Ripple said “charity is giving to other people- you can give by way of a gift but this is more when you help people who are worse off than yourself.”

The friends sat thinking whilst Ripple finished eating. “You know,” said Ripple,
“sometimes you can find a four-leaf clover and that is said to bring good luck.”
“What are we waiting for then?” said Sidney and Frankie “Let’s start looking.”

The three friends spent ages looking for a four-leaf clover. They were getting
Very tired and Sidney said “are you sure you aren’t making this up Ripple?”
“Of course not,” replied a very indignant Ripple “why would I do that?”
“Sorry Ripple,” said Sidney “but out of all these leaves there are only three on each stem.”

Wearily the friends made their way home. They decided there was nothing further to do today. Next morning at first light the three friends met up. They went to the meadow nearby.

After half an hour Frankie called out excitedly “look, come quickly I have found a four-leaf clover.” Ripple and Sidney came and sure enough Frankie was holding a beautiful four-leaf clover. The friends were so excited. “Is it magic?” asked Sidney.
“Well” said Ripple, “it is said if you make a wish it will come true.” “What are we waiting for?” asked an excited Sidney. “Trouble is what do we wish for?” “Let’s wish for something exciting to happen,” said Sidney.

They all held the four-leaf clover, shut their eyes and wished. They opened their eyes. They were in a strange new place. It was beautiful, with trees, flowers, small streams and roadways leading in different directions. Nearby stood a small red car with a face on the front of the bonnet (hood). The friends jumped as a voice called to them to come to the car. They looked around but could not see anyone. “Who said that?” asked Sidney. As they neared the car they saw it’s mouth move. “I called to you” said the car, with a great big grin. “My name Is Cruso, I will I will take you for a ride, jump in.”

The friends opened the back door and jumped in. “Put on your seat belts tightly,” Said Cruso.
“Right we are off,” said Cruso. Before the friends could ask the where the driver was they were flying down the road so fast they could not see where they were going. “Isn’t this great fun?” said Cruso, “you will enjoy this.”
“If we live long enough,” said a scared Sidney. “Slow down please you are going too fast.”

“OK,” replied Cruso “but you have to agree that was fun.” “Was it? asked the friends
who were scared. “It is dangerous to drive fast.”

“I promise I will take you to some nice places,” said Cruso. “I promise not to go fast again .” “well we could have had an accident and hurt ourselves, so please go at a safe speed.” Cruso grinned, “friends?” he said. “Friends,” replied Ripple, Sidney and Frankie.

Cruso took the friends everywhere, to see the beautiful wooded forests, white silvery sand on the beach and the blue, blue sea, and the different animals in the parks. It was a wonderful sight. Some birds sat on the roof of the car enjoying the ride. They all had great fun, driving up hills, round corners, seeing such sights as the white capped mountains in the distance. The friends got out of the car for a while on the beach. Cruso kept driving and hiding behind the sand dunes. The friends had to find him. He was really a fun car and the friends were delighted. “Cruso, can we come and see you again, please?” asked Sidney. “Yes you are such fun and good sports—we can have lots of adventures together,” said a grinning Cruso.

After such a fun day Cruso drove the three friends back to where they had met.

On the way they came to a road with a stream running across it. “Look how pretty that is” said Ripple “with the water going across the road, how will we get across?” Asked Frankie. “No problem,” said Cruso as he drove straight through the water. Water flew everywhere – what great fun this was until Cruso made a loud groaning noise and stopped. The friends looked out the and saw they were stuck in the middle of the stream. “What are you going to do Cruso?” asked the friends. “I don’t know groaned a very wet Cruso, I guess you will have to push me.” “Oh no,” groaned the three friends “but I guess we’ll have to try.” The three friends tried to push, harder and harder but it was no good, Cruso was well and truly stuck. “I know,” said Sidney, “we have had one wish on the four-leaf clover, there must be three wishes left—let’s make a wish that someone will come and help us.”

The three friends shut their eyes and wished. When they opened their eyes who should be strolling along the road but their old adversary Brushtail the fox. The friends had never been so glad to see Brushtail who came to see what was happening. “I will help you,” said Brushtail, “Ripple and I will push from the back and Sidney and Frankie can sit on the bonnet to make sure nothing gets in the way.”

With that all four pushed and looked out. Then with a huge GLUG Cruso began to move forward. A big grin appeared on his face. “Thank you my friends now I will drop you off where I found you and go home to my little garage to rest. Please come and see me again. We will have some great adventures. I am a magic car.”
The friends waved happily to Cruso as he drove off with a big blow on his horn.

“Are you coming back with us Brushtail?” asked the three friends. “No I have to go visit my family, but I will be back.”

What a fun day the friends had had but it was time to think about going home.

They took out the four-leaf clover and wished again. As their eyes opened they could see they were back in their garden. It was good to be back safely. It had been such a good day. They would have many adventures together. They had one wish left. They would save that for another day.
“Ripple,” asked Sidney “if the three-leaf clover represents three symbols, then what does the fourth leaf represent?” Even Ripple had to stop and think about this.

“Well” he replied, “ guess if three leaves represent faith, hope, and charity, then the only thing the fourth can represent is love.” “Hmm” said Sidney, “does that mean we
should all love each other and be friends?” I guess so,” replied Ripple

“We should all love and be kind to one another.” “Even to Brushtail and Caesar the Cat?” asked Frankie Frog. “I guess so,” said Sidney.
“We will have to find some more four-leaf clover leaves so that we can go back to see Cruso,” said Sidney. The friends agreed.
So if you ever see a snail, a rabbit, and a frog looking for something in grass it may well be that magic four-leaf clover and if you find a four-leaf clover and make a wish you too could share in its magic.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©