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Sidney Snail and the rainbow

Sidney Snail and the rainbow

It had been raining nearly all day and Sidney Snail had not wanted to go out as it was too wet underfoot and he did not like getting wet. He could hide under his shell but his feet still got wet.

All he wanted was for it to stop raining so that he could go out to meet Ripple the Rabbit and Frankie Frog.

At long last he could see Samantha Sun was trying to shine. “This is good” he thought, “ I shall now be able to go out.” He put on his warm scarf and set out down the garden. As he looked up into the sky he could see the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. “What are you looking at Sidney?” asked Ripple the Rabbit who had appeared from nowhere. “I am looking at all those colours in the sky,” said Sidney “they are so pretty but what are they?”. “They” said Ripple who knew everything “ are the colours of a rainbow”. “What is a rainbow?” asked Sidney.

Sidney, Ripple, and Samantha looking at a rainbow
“A rainbow comes when it has been raining,” said Ripple “and Samantha Sun shines. She catches all the colours and a rainbow is formed.” At that moment Frankie Frog appeared.

He too was fed up with the rain. “Look at those colours” said Frankie “Yes” said Ripple “the colours of the rainbow are red, orange. yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet”. Sidney and Frankie were very impressed.

“Did you know there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? asked Ripple. “Really?” said the two friends. “Yes, if you can find the end of the rainbow you will find a pot of gold,” said Ripple.
Sidney and Frankie were very excited. “What are we waiting for?” said Sidney, ”let’s go and find it and we shall be very rich.”
The three friends set off in the direction of the rainbow. It seemed a long way to go but then it seemed to be getting nearer.

The friends set off towards the rainbow

The three friends crossed a river, Sidney sitting on Frankie’s back as Sidney could not swim, and then they walked across fields but still the rainbow end was not in sight.

the friends swim across the river

“Are you sure you are right about the pot of gold” asked Sidney “my feet are beginning to hurt and I am tired. “Just think of the pot of gold,” said Ripple and Frankie, who were very excited, “we are going to very rich and shall be able to buy anything we want”.

An hour later they came the top of a hill. Poor Sidney was very out of breath because he was much slower than his friends.

Sidney and his friends on top of a hill

As they looked down into the Valley they could see the end of the rainbow. They were very excited. Ripple and Frankie began to run down the hill, but poor Sidney could only walk slowly “It’s not fair he said, they can run faster than me”.
As Sidney finally caught up with his friends, they could see where the rainbow met the ground.

“This is it,” said Sidney “but how do we find the pot of gold? “We will find a spade and dig a big hole to find the gold,” said Ripple.

They looked around but could find nothing to dig with. “Oh, what can we do?” cried Sidney I have not come all this way to go back empty handed”.
The three friends looked around and suddenly Frankie spotted something. It was a large tree with a big hole in the bottom.

The friends see a tree with a hole in the bottom

The three friends went to look and as they did so out jumped Brushtail the Fox. The three friends stepped back “What do you think you are doing here?” asked Brushtail the Fox. “We are looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” said the three friends. Brushtail started to laugh, “you don’t really believe that do you? he said, “if there was one I would have found it. Anyway I am off to look for some supper” With that Brushtail left them, laughing at the three friends.

The three found a large stone with a flat edge and began to dig into the ground with it. It was hard work, but after a while they gave up. They could find nothing and were very disappointed.

“Well” said Sidney “I think Brushtail is right. We cannot find it and we may as well go home”. Sadly the three friends started to walk home. The rainbow was slowly disappearing and it was starting to get dark.
As they reached their garden, the three friends felt quite sad, it had all be for nothing. Then the garden began to light up and as they looked up they saw the Man in the Moon had switched on his light so that they could see.

The friends return to their garden under the light from the man in the moon

The three friends walked by the pond when they saw something glistening in the light. Whatever could it be? It appeared to be coming from the pond itself. They stopped and could see things glistening under the weeds at the side of the pond.

They see something glistening at the side of the pond

Frankie jumped into the pond to have a look. As he came up he said “You will never believe this” but there is a pot of gold under the weeds”.

The friends looking at the pot of gold

With Ripple’s help Frankie and Sidney managed to pull it out of the water. It was very heavy.
As they put the pot down they could see shining stones. There were hundred and hundreds and hundreds of them; all different colours. Let us take one each as they are so pretty “ said Sidney.

Sidney chose a diamond; Ripple a sapphire, which was a blue stone and Frankie chose a green stone as it would blend in with his colour in the pond,

All of a sudden there was a lot of noise in the garden and people running about, lots of men dressed in blue and two men in masks.

Men in blue and men in masks arrive by the pond The friends ran and hid as they were scared. At last it went quiet and the three friends came out of their hiding places. They looked around them but there was no one about. They went back to find the pot of gold, but it was no longer there; the men in blue had taken it away.

“Oh what a shame, I really thought we were going to be rich” said Sidney.

“Well we are really” said Ripple. “Those men must have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and hidden it in the pond as they wanted it for themselves. We have got a stone each and we now know that there really is a crock of gold at the end of the rainbow. We shall have to tell Sophie Spider, Daisy Blackbird and Burt and Jenny and all our other friends. They will never believe us.

The three friends look at their stones
As the three friends said goodbye, they looked up into the sky and they could have sworn Mr. Moon winked at them. After all he had put a light in the garden for them to find the pot of gold.

The friends say goodbye to the man in the moon

The three friends were very happy after their adventure. And next time they saw a rainbow they would definitely find the next pot of gold.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©
Illustrated by Lenard Eccles