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The tale of the Little Christmas Tree

It was December and in a corner of an old stable stood a little green tree.  He had been such a happy little tree living with lots and lots of other  trees, and braving all kinds of weather, snow, rain, sunshine and cold winds.  His green leaves known as needles,  kept him warm in the winter and in the summer he would shed some of his needles so that he would feel cooler.  Life was good in the great outdoors and he was very happy.

One day some men came with shovels and trucks and started to dig all the  trees up. He was quite excited at the thought of an adventure as he had never lived anywhere else in his life.
All the trees were put into the back of a truck and taken away only to be put in a barn according to their size.  The little tree being the smallest was put into a far corner with some other small trees.

“These should stay till last” said a man “as they will not fetch so much money”.  The little tree was very worried now.  During the day lots of people came to the barn and paid the man some money and took a tree away.  Soon lots of the trees had gone and the little tree wondered what would become of them, and even more importantly what would happen to him.  He began to feel frightened.

As it grew dark there were only a few trees left.  Some children came rushing in just before the light faded and took the two trees in front of the little tree.

The barn door was shut and the little tree realised he was all alone.  He was now feeling very cold and frightened.  He had never ever been alone before.  He began to cry.  A tear rolled down and before he knew it he was crying his little heart out.  He wanted to be with the other trees.

He could just see some light through a hole in the barn and realised it was a bright star.  The star saw the little tree and asked him what he was doing in the barn.  The little tree told the star that he was all alone and that all the other trees had been taken away.  The star said he was very sad for the little tree.

The little tree fell asleep and had a dream.  He dreamt that he was in a far away country where it was quite hot.  It was Christmas time and there were lots and lots of people about on foot and some on donkeys.  He seemed to be in a stable of some kind, pushed into a corner.

A man and a woman came into the stable and the woman was crying out.  The man held her gently and sat her down.  The next thing the little tree could hear a baby crying.  The baby was wrapped  in a rough blanket and the man pulled a horse feeder toward the woman and put in some straw  The baby was then laid into the straw trough and slept peacefully.

There was suddenly great excitement and some shepherds appeared at the stable door and came in.  A small lamb galloped to the trough and looked at the new baby and stood watching as if to make sure the baby was safe.  Three men in fine clothes and jewellery then appeared, having travelled by camel, as the camels could be seen tethered outside. The men in fine clothes carried boxes of gifts for the new baby.

One of the men then looked into the corner and saw the little tree all alone.  He picked it up lovingly and dug a hole near to the trough and the three men placed the little tree into the hole. They then put two presents under the tree and decked the tree with straw and placed a third smaller package onto the tree, next to the new baby.
Suddenly there was singing and angels with wings appeared to be flying at the top of the stable.  One touched the little tree and placed a star on the very top.
“Christ the King is born to-day” sang the angels”.   “The Tree of Christ watches where he lay”.  The baby shall be called Jesus, and the little tree will be called the Christ Tree”.

There was much happiness and joy in the stable.

The little tree suddenly woke up.  What was happening to him?  He was being pulled  along on a sleigh by a reindeer and a big jolly man dressed in red with a big white beard.  The big man then knocked on the door of a house and children ran out and grabbed the little tree inside and pulled him inside.  The little tree was put into a huge pot of soil and the children were so excited and laughing.  They put lots of pretty coloured lights on the little tree, some coloured bells and balls and finally an angel on the very top of the little tree.

“You are such a beautiful  little tree” said the children.  The little tree was so happy he wanted to cry.  “We shall plant you in garden and each year at Christmas you will be our Christmas Tree.

The little tree remembered his dream.  He remembered the Angels saying that he would be called the Christ Tree.

Somehow word of the little tree’s adventure got out and from that day the Christ Tree has been a very big part of the Christmas story, and we of course know it as The Christmas Tree.

Barbara Brewin 18th December 2010.  All rights reserved.