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Hold onto your dreams

Another year has nearly passed
Where did it go, someone just asked?
The days the weeks, the months, the year,
It seems only yesterday they were just here.

But now, Old Man Time has marched so fast
This year’s New Year is nearly past.
A New Year heralds, what is in store?
If only we knew; that we could be sure.

But wait; would we really want to know?
If we did, then the excitement would really go.
Each year it has its ups and downs.
Smiles and laughter, tears and frowns.

Best to take each day one at a time
With all the uphills there might be to climb.
Then another day may beckon you,
To do good deeds, to be kind and true.

Be kind and caring; do your best
A smile, or laugh will do the rest.
For every loss and every woe,
Remember God’s love, and never let go.

Yes have your dreams, and make them come true,
But remember that sometimes days can be blue.
So make the most of each new day
Each one so different in its own way.

See the dream catcher’s shimmering light
It holds your dreams within its sight
Hold onto your dreams and hold them tight
They will come true when the time is right.

Be patient, caring, strong and tall
Even when the leaves of winter fall.
As spring awakes, a new dawn appears
Take on your dreams with happy tears.

Hold onto the dreams, don’t let them go,
Impossible? You just never know
Just be sure the faith to keep
Dreams don’t just happen when you’re asleep.

Your Dreams
Come True

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February fill dyke, chill winds, lots of frost and snow
Let’s find love to make our cold cheeks give a warm glow
With bright blood red roses and chocolates to sweeten the way
Remember the 14th February is Saint Valentines Day.

Ladies and gentleman anxiously watch for Valentine cards in the post
Fingers crossed and hoping; wondering who will get the most?
Will there be a huge bouquet of flowers for the ladies?
Perhaps a tall dark handsome stranger will drive up in a Mercedes?

This is the day when lovers bravely open their hearts
When Cupids arrow explodes into a cascade of colourful darts
Romance and love, hugs and kisses; be it pauper or millionaire
Will the lucky chosen lady be brunette, red haired or fair?

A time of excitement, of love, wonder, kisses and romance
Now take your chosen partner for the very last dance
Gentlemen be very sure your love is true and sincere
Be warned the lady may propose, after all 2012 is a Leap Year!!!

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Garden Hedgehogs

Hedgehog, hedgehog, what shall I do
During the daytime I can never find you.

I look up the garden, by day and at night
Of you and your family I never catch sight.

You are so lazy you sleep all the day
I’ll find where you live; there must be a way.

For years now you come out only at night
To see you I have to shine my torch light

The bowl in the garden is full of cat food
But you come out each evening, in hungry mood

When I come near you, you curl up into a ball
Of tight little needles – your protective, safe wall

Come to October your babies you bring
To fatten them up so they make it to Spring.

You love to show off with your babies galore
It’s your way to say thank you, you’ll be back for more

I follow you back to from wherever you came
But you run so fast, I lose you, it is just such a shame.

So the puzzle still remains to be solved
Just where do you live – is it safe from the cold?

Your secret is safe; I will leave you in peace
To live in safety in your underground fleece

Year after year you will visit again
Knowing that my garden is your tranquil domain.

Dear Little Hedgehog you will always be there
Because you know I just love you and care.

Your home is your secret, it is safe with me
But just you keep coming, for the whole world to see

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Bonfire night

Children collecting twigs and leaves
Pulling conkers from the trees
Piles of boxes, piles of clothes
Onto the Bonfire everything goes.

Rickety old pushchair, full of junk
This year’s Guy is quite a hunk
Penny for the Guy is the children’s call
Give more than a penny and we can have a ball.

Magic lanterns twinkle in the night
Orange pumpkins filled with candlelight
The smell of roasted chestnuts fills the air
Mugs of hot soup and warm clothes to wear

The time is ready for the fun to begin,
Check under that fire to see no ones hidden
Make sure no hedgehogs asleep in their nest
And that there are no dormice having a rest.

Now the bonfire is set alight, to childrens screams of pure delight
The smoke and flames spiral up into the moonlit night.
Jumping jacks, rockets and Catherine wheels
With bangers and sparklers fast on their heels.

Poor Mr Guy does not stand a chance
As the flames on the fire make him jiggle and dance
His sorry form soon disappears
Some of the little children are now in tears?

The sky is such a pretty sight
All lit up with its magic light
Stars and spangles, rings and flashes
Soon the bonfire will be a pile of ashes.

Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night each year?
The Houses of Parliament I hear you shout loud and clear
Guy Fawkes once tried to burn them down
He wanted to be King and wear the crown.

So every year it’s the same old thing,
Bangers and rockets and one great big din.
Keep the cats and dogs and pets inside
You enjoy yourselves –as for me I’m a spoilsport and am going to hide!!

Written by Barbara Brewin©

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Raindrops falling from the sky
Onto the earth so hard and dry
Scorched grass reaching out to drink
Dying flowers are on the brink.

Pearl drop tears fall from each cloud
Like small diamonds on a shroud
Smell the freshness of the air
The cleansing of the land so fair.

The pools of water lay around
The flowers and birds with joy rebound.
They can all now drink and quench their thirst
Once again into song they burst.

The sun comes out in a glorious blaze,
Spreading out his glorious rays.
The tear drops dazzle sparkling white,
A rainbow follows to delight.

So many colours all together
A magic arc of coloured pleasure
Red orange yellow green and blues
Indigo and violet are the rainbow’s hues.

This is magic at its best
Seen from north south east and west
See the rainbow bright and bold.
Find the magic pot of gold.


Written by Barbara Brewin©

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Sidney Snail and the man in the moon

Sidney Snail and the man in the moon

Sidney Snail slept for most of the day and woke up later than he wanted. When he peeped out of his shell he saw it was a warm evening. The Giants who lived in the big house were having a party at the other end of the garden. They were eating and drinking, and Sidney heard loud music.

Sidney outside hearing music playing

He realised it was starting to get dark and he wanted to see Ripple the Rabbit and Frankie Frog.

As Sidney moved forward he saw Ripple the Rabbit and called out to him. The two friends went down to the pond where Frankie was watching out for them. “I have been hoping to see you all day,” said Frankie. “Let’s do something.”

Sidney, Frankie and Ripple by the pond

While the three friends were thinking about what they could do, it went very quiet in the garden. They looked around and saw all the Giants going into the house. Moving towards the tables, they saw lots of food on the table.

“Let’s have a party, ” said Ripple. “There is plenty of food for all of us”:

The friends looking at the table full of food

“What are those round things tied to the tree?” asked Sidney, after they’d eaten until they were full.

“They are balloons,” said Ripple. “One red, one yellow and one blue.”

“One for each of us,” said Frankie.

Ripple climbed onto a chair under the tree and untied the balloons. He gave the red one to Sidney, the yellow one to Frankie. The blue one he kept for himself.

Ripple hands out balloon

The friends started to walk up the garden with their balloons. “This is fun,” said Sidney. All of a sudden, there was a big “whoosh” of wind.

The three held tightly onto their balloons and when the wind gave another big “whoosh” they were lifted into the air– higher and higher and further away.

The three friends float into the air holding onto their balloons

“Help, help” they cried, but there was no-one to see or hear them. They hung onto the balloons as hard as they could because they knew they would fall if they didn’t. They could see twinkling lights everywhere beneath them, getting smaller and smaller. It was a lovely sight, but they were very frightened.

Then, the sky began to light up; hundreds and hundreds of twinkling stars started to shine. A path of light was being made for them. The three balloons and their passengers were being carried even further into the night.

The wind slowed to a gentle breeze and the balloons began to slow down also. “This is beginning to be fun,” said Ripple.

“It might be for you,” said Sidney “but where are we going and how will we get home?

“Never mind about that” said Ripple “I think we are going to the moon”.

They sky was suddenly bathed in an even brighter light. A voice boomed out, “well hello, who are you and what are you doing here?”

“We are Sidney Snail, Ripple the Rabbit and Frankie Frog. Who are you?

“I” said the voice “am the Man in the Moon”. “Come in and have a drink with me. You must be tired after your journey.

The friends meet the man in the moon

The three friends reached the Moon and a door with a window opened out. Mr. Moon helped them in with their balloons. “Where have you come from?” asked Mr. Moon.

“We have come from our garden a long way down from here. The wind pulled us up with our balloons,” said Sidney.

“You are lucky I was in tonight” said Mr. Moon “because your balloons could not have gone much higher.”

“What do you do here Mr. Moon?” asked the three friends.

“I put the light on at night to light the world so people can see in the dark” said Mr. Moon.

“Gosh” said the three friends “that is very clever. Do you have a light switch”?

“Yes, I can switch the light on and off, but sometimes the clouds get in the way so the light doesn’t shine”.

“Do you go to sleep in the daytime?” asked Sidney.

Mr. Moon smiled. “Not really, because when it’s day light and you are playing, I go to the other side of the world and turn on the light at night for the people there so that they can see”.

“That is even more clever,” said the three friends.

They chatted a long time to Mr. Moon, who was so glad to see them as he didn’t get many visitors. After a while he said, “Well, you will have to go now because I have to turn off the light and go to the other side of the world. My cousin, Samantha Sun will soon be coming, so I am not needed again until tomorrow night”.

“How will we get back?” asked the three friends.”

“I’ll ask East Wind, to be very gentle and she will blow you home. Do come and see me again,” said Mr. Moon.

The three friends went to the door, said goodbye to Mr. Moon, and thanked him for having them. East Wind arrived and said, “I’ll follow you and keep you safe until you are home.”

Then East Wind began to blow the three balloons very gently. Down, down they went. As they got nearer to the earth it began to get light, and they saw Samantha Sun starting to light up the daytime sky. The trees and fields came closer, and soon they were hovering over their garden.

“My job is done,” said East Wind, “goodbye my friends”.”

“Goodbye East Wind” said the three friends. “See you again soon”.

As they arrived in the garden there was a big bang, one, two three big bangs. They looked up and saw their balloons had all burst.

the friends balloons burst

“Oh” said Sidney, “where have they gone?”

“Perhaps they have gone back to see Mr. Moon again,” said Frankie.

They looked up into the sky: The moon had nearly disappeared, but the friends could have sworn they saw Mr. Moon waving to them. They all waved back, said goodbye to each other and went home to sleep, Sidney arrived home and his mother wanted to know where he had been. “I have been to the moon and back with Ripple and Frankie,” he said.

“I think, Sidney, you have been dreaming,” said his mother.

Sidney sat down. “Has it all been a dream?” he asked himself. He would have to speak to Ripple and Frankie tomorrow. They would be able to tell him. After all, wasn’t it eating carrots that helped you to see in the dark?


Written By Barbara Brewin ©
Illustrated by Lenard Eccles

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Tommy Tiptoe

Tommy Tiptoe

After a heavy snowfall, did you ever wake up in the morning and find tiny footprints in the snow? The footprints were made by Tommy Tiptoe.

Tommy tiptoe

No one has ever seen him, not even the Willetts who own the farm where he lives. Tommy Tiptoe is a little elf who has lived there for many, many years.

His home is in a dark comer of the barn, where he sleeps all day, wrapped up in his long gray beard. If you were to catch him sleeping, you would think he was only a handful of cobwebs.

Tommy tiptoe sleeping on a bed of straw

At night he is wide awake. When everyone in the farmhouse is lost in dreams and the animals in the barn are nodding their drowsy heads, Tommy Tiptoe watches over them all.

At midnight he tiptoes from one building to another to see that all is well. He even peeps into the windows of the farmhouse to make sure everyone is safe and sound.

Tommy tiptoe peeping into the farmhouse window

Every morning the Willetts find tiny footprints on the snow but only Kevin knows they belong to the little elf. He knows because Grandpa once read him a bedtime story about Tommy Tiptoe.
At breakfast Kevin looks out the window and sees the tiny tracks in the farmyard. He says to his mother, “Tommy Tiptoe was here again last night. See his footprints in the snow?” His mother just smiles and gives him another helping of his favourite cereal.

Kevin knows Tommy Tiptoe was watching over him again. So each night after he goes to bed he tries very hard to stay awake so he can talk to the little elf: He wants to thank Tommy for looking after him. But every morning when Kevin wakes up. Tommy Tiptoe has already come and gone.

Kevin looking out of the window

After breakfast Kevin goes to all the farm buildings to talk to the animals. First he visits the dog kennel, where his pet is playing with her puppies. “Good morning,” he says to Lady, his shaggy collie. “Have you seen Tommy Tiptoe? I want to thank him for watching over me again last night.”

Lady wags her tail and barks. “No, but perhaps Speckles has seen him.

Kevin speaking to Lady the shaggy collie
Next he visits the noisy hen house, where all the hens are scratching and cackling. “Good morning,” he says to Speckles, the hen. “Have you seen Tommy Tiptoe? I want to thank rum for watching over me again last night.”

Speckles fluffs her feathers and clucks.

“No, but perhaps Stamper has seen him. ”

Kevin speaking to speckles the hen

Next he visits the stable, where Stamper, the black horse, is munching sweet-smelling hay. “Good morning,” he says to Stamper. “Have you seen Tommy Tiptoe? I want to thank him for watching over me again last night.

Stamper shakes his long mane and whinnies. “No, but perhaps Heidi knows where he is, Heidi is a mother, and mothers are very wise.”

Kevin speaking to stomper the black horse

Finally he visits the warm barn, where the cows are slowly chewing their cuds. “Good moming~” he says to Heidi~ the Swiss cow. “Have you seen Tommy Tiptoe? I want to thank him for watching over me again last night.
Heidi swishes her tail and mO-O-O-O-S. “Yes. I’ve seen him. And to-o-onight I’ll give you a cup of milk to-o-o leave for him. Something to-o-o drink when he is thirsty is the only thanks Tommy needs. If it is gone in the mo-o-o-rning, yo-o-ou’ll know Tommy Tiptoe was here.

Kevin speaking to Heidi the Swiss cow

That night Kevin sets a cup of Heidi’s fresh warm milk outside on his windowsill. He climbs into bed to wait for Tommy Tiptoe, but is soon fast asleep.

He dreams, and in his dreams he sees the little elf. Tommy Tiptoe is drinking the milk and smiling kindly at him. The tassel on his gray cap bobs and drops of milk glisten on his long gray beard.

Kevin sleeping and dreaming about Tommy Tiptoe

The next morning when Kevin wakes up, the elf is gone. and there are tiny footprints in the snow. The cup on the windowsill is empty.

At breakfast Kevin says to his mother, “Tommy Tiptoe was here again last night. The milk I left for him is gone, and I can see his footprints in the snow.

His mother just smiles wisely and heaps his plate high with pancakes.

After a heavy snowfall if you look carefully, you may see tiny footprints in the snow. You see them, you’ll know they are the footsteps of Tommy Tiptoe.

Tommy tiptoe's footprints in the snow

By Charlotte Richards©

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Sidney Snail goes quackers

Pip and Pippa the ducks

Sidney Snail had not been out for a couple of days as he had had a bad cold. Ripple the Rabbit had been to visit and so had Frankie Frog.

Sidney snail laying in bed with a cold

Frankie told Ripple and Sidney that there was now a new family living on his pond, Pip and Pippa, two white ducks. He said, “ I don’t know what to do. They are very very noisy and wake everyone up very early in the mornings. They are nice and I don’t want to upset them, but something has to be done to keep them quiet” “Hm! I can see that is a problem”” said Sidney “we will have to think of something!
The following day Sidney felt much better and decided some fresh air would do him good and anyway he wanted to meet the new ducks for himself.

Sidney goes out wrapped up in a scarf and hat
Ripple ran up to Sidney and together they walked towards the pond. They saw Frankie asleep at the side of the pond and woke him up. “Why are you asleep Frankie?” asked the two friends. “Pip and Pippa woke me up very early making such a loud noise” replied Frankie, “I don’t know what to do about it – they even wake the fish up. We are all very tired”.

“Where are the ducks? asked Sidney. “I think they must have walked down to the river” replied Frankie.

Sidney meets Ripple and Frankie by the pond
The three friends decided to go for a walk down to the river. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. Spring was on the way and soon Needles the Hedgehog would be waking up from her winter sleep and bringing her three babies into the garden as would Dolly Dormouse.

The three friends walk down to the river
As they reached the river they could see Pip and Pippa swimming. Round and round they swam chasing each other and the other ducks. They were having fun.

Suddenly Pip and Pippa spotted the three friends and swam towards them. “Hello Frankie” said Pip “who are your friends?” “Frankie replied, “This is Sidney Snail and Ripple the Rabbit”. They all stayed talking for a while and arranged to meet the following day.

Pip and Pippa playing in the river
Sidney decided to have an early night, when all of a sudden he heard a lot of noise coming from the garden in the area of the pond. He put on his warm scarf and looked out to see what was happening. In the distance he could see Brushtail the Fox and he could see Brushtail was up to no good near the pond.

Sidney sees Brushtail up to no good
Luckily Ripple the Rabbit came to call for Sidney as he too had heard the commotion and wanted to see what was happening.

The two friends ran as fast as they could to the pond (Sidney as usual at the back as he was so slow). Frankie jumped out of the pond and there in the middle of the pond were Pip and Pippa swimming round and round in circles trying to avoid Brushtail the Fox who was trying to catch them. Brushtail had put a plank of wood across the pond so he could reach the two ducks. He would eat them for his supper.

Brushtail and the other animals near the river
Sidney, Ripple and Frankie had to do something, and very quickly to help Pip and Pippa.

Ripple ran to the hen shed and banged and banged on the door.

Ripple running toward the hen shed

A very cross Burt the Cockerel called out and asked who it was. “It is me,” said Ripple “we need your help. Brushtail the Fox is trying to catch Pip and Pippa and he will eat them, we must do something”. Burt asked Ripple to try and push open the door to the hen hut from the outside. He and the hens pushed from the inside and suddenly the door flew open.
Ripple ran off and shouted to Pip and Pippa to follow him. Pip and Pippa, quacking very loudly and by now very frightened, followed Ripple straight into the hen house.

Pip and Pippa follow Ripple to the hen house

Burt said they could stay for the night and then shut the door behind them.
Brushtail the Fox was so cross as he walked back along the plank, it slipped, and he fell into the water.

Brushtail falls in to the river

Ripple, Sidney and Frankie all laughed. “Serves you right Brushtail,” they said. Brushtail was even more cross and said, “Just you wait until another time – I will teach you all a lesson”. With that he ran off home, still hungry.
The next day the three friends went to the hen house and there amongst Burt the cockerel, Jenny Hen and the other hens were Pip and Pippa quite happily eating the corn in the hen run.

“Thank you so much” they said to everyone. “Follow us”.

Pip and Pippa with the hens outside
The three friends followed Pip and Pippa into the hen house and there in the corner was a nest made of straw. “Burt and Jenny have said we can stay here at night to keep us safe from Brushtail the Fox”. “This is our corner where we will sleep”.

Eggs in a nest in the hen house

Sidney, Ripple and Frankie were so pleased. Pip and Pippa would now be safe at night. As they left, Pippa handed to them the biggest white egg they had ever seen. They would be able to share that for their breakfast.

Sidney and friends stood around a white egg
The three friends were happy. The ducks were happy. All the animals would be happy in the mornings as Pip and Pippa would not be able to make a loud noise until later in the morning so that everyone would now be able to sleep.

They did feel a bit sorry for Brushtail the Fox. After all if it had not been for him the Ducks would still be on the pond waking everybody up very, very early. Perhaps Brushtail was not so bad, after all. They would have to wait and see.


Written By Barbara Brewin ©
Illustrated by Lenard Eccles

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The Sun has gone. Where can it be?
All summer it was there for me.
But now it must have gone away,
will it come back another day? It’s warmth and heat made me feel good,
but now we have fires made out of wood.
The flicker in the hearth may glow,
but watch out for the cold, white winter snow.

All the birds have flown away,
could they not have stayed another day?
But to climates warm in groups they flew,
to miss the winds as they blew and blew.

All the trees have lost their leaves,
one lonely spider spins and weaves.
All her friends have gone to sleep,
in the long dark winter, they burrow deep.

The garden looks so dull and bare,
it seems to me it doesn’t care.
But hark, the redbreast robin comes,
foraging for berries and for crumbs.

His winter song he sings so loud,
oh look, there’s blue behind that cloud.
The robin sings his Christmas song.
Hark; Father Christmas will soon be along.

Now the snow is on the ground,
the earth it utters not a sound.
The winter really has come fast,
but worry not, it will not last.

The trees are white with magic frost
for all to see, there is no cost.
The snowflakes flutter to the ground,
we’ll make a snowman, big and round.

Oh, winter can be really fun
even if we miss the bright warm sun.
But around the corner spring awaits,
and guess who is waiting at the gates?

The gates of summer will open wide,
when spring has mingled with such pride.
Snowdrops, crocuses and singing bells,
the Daffodil trumpets – Springtime tells.

At last the winter months are gone,
the mistle thrush and blackbird are in full song.
The buds are bursting out with pride,
as a brand new world beckons us outside.

Make the most of each new day,
it’s own adventure, it’s own new way.
Every day brings something new,
it’s now up to you, and you and you!

Written By Barbara Brewin ©