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The Sun has gone. Where can it be?
All summer it was there for me.
But now it must have gone away,
will it come back another day? It’s warmth and heat made me feel good,
but now we have fires made out of wood.
The flicker in the hearth may glow,
but watch out for the cold, white winter snow.

All the birds have flown away,
could they not have stayed another day?
But to climates warm in groups they flew,
to miss the winds as they blew and blew.

All the trees have lost their leaves,
one lonely spider spins and weaves.
All her friends have gone to sleep,
in the long dark winter, they burrow deep.

The garden looks so dull and bare,
it seems to me it doesn’t care.
But hark, the redbreast robin comes,
foraging for berries and for crumbs.

His winter song he sings so loud,
oh look, there’s blue behind that cloud.
The robin sings his Christmas song.
Hark; Father Christmas will soon be along.

Now the snow is on the ground,
the earth it utters not a sound.
The winter really has come fast,
but worry not, it will not last.

The trees are white with magic frost
for all to see, there is no cost.
The snowflakes flutter to the ground,
we’ll make a snowman, big and round.

Oh, winter can be really fun
even if we miss the bright warm sun.
But around the corner spring awaits,
and guess who is waiting at the gates?

The gates of summer will open wide,
when spring has mingled with such pride.
Snowdrops, crocuses and singing bells,
the Daffodil trumpets – Springtime tells.

At last the winter months are gone,
the mistle thrush and blackbird are in full song.
The buds are bursting out with pride,
as a brand new world beckons us outside.

Make the most of each new day,
it’s own adventure, it’s own new way.
Every day brings something new,
it’s now up to you, and you and you!

Written By Barbara Brewin ©

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Shadows in the night

Shadows darting here and there
Whispers echoing through the air
The gentle wind sighing in delight
Under a starry, moonlit night.

Dormice rustling leaves for food,
Big eyed owl in grumpy mood
Brushtail fox goes walking by
Brock the badger gives a sigh

Birds are sleeping in the trees
Hedgehogs playing hard to please
Squirrels stealing nuts to store,
Witches broomstick on the floor.

Ripples swirling on the lake
Frogs and toads their chance do take.
Fish swimming round all half asleep
As orange newts night watch do keep.

These shadows dart from place to place,
The spider’s web is made of lace
These are the shadows of the night
Before the dawn and morning light.

Cockerel crows to say it’s dawn
The birds dawn chorus wakes us all
The animal world has gone to bed.
The shadows of the night have fled


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The Flame of Love

I am the flame lit especially my darling for you
I see tears falling softly like petals when summer is through
Its light flickers gently, the warmth melting your heart
The gentle breeze whispering ,we are never apart.

I am the flame that never goes out
Whenever you have days full of darkness and doubt.
When the black cloud of sadness dresses you in despair
Remember that my flame will always be there

I am the flame that is strong, good and kind
You know I will never leave you behind
To be alone would be sad; I will always be there
My flame flickers gently because I love you, and care.

I am the flame that helps make you  strong
Who knows that some days you feel you can’t carry on
Look into the flame and see memories of happy days
When mother nature was kind and gentle in her ways.

I am the flame that will love you for ever
Please don’t give up, we will always be together
For I love you and cherish you – you live in my heart
For the rest of our lives we will never be apart.

I am the flame that is heaven sent from above
A sign that I will always be with you my love
Yes let the tears flow and be sad for awhile
Then move forward my darling with your beautiful smile.

I am the flame that will light the way for the rest of your life
As you lit my heart on earth when you were my wife
My darling I am only ever a whisper away from your heart
The flame shines for ever – we are never apart.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©

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Sidney the real snail!

Real life Sidney snail

Somebody called John Young found our website and wrote to us to tell us about his pet snail, also called Sidney;

This is Sidney the snail; he’s an adult Giant African Land Snail. Sid’s shell is about 5” long. He lives in a glass tank in my bedroom which is about 17” wide and 12” tall. He has one best buddy called Milfred that lives in the same tank as him. They both enjoy burying themselves in the moss which is in the bottom of the tank.

Sidney’s favourite foods are Cucumber, Lettuce and tomatoes. But he also enjoys eating most vegetables and any fruit. His favourite hobbies are sleeping, eating and hiding in his shell. Sid’s favourite type of music is heavy metal, and he loves to go for a quick swim in his water bowl every now and then. The one thing, which I find amazing about him, is that he can go on the roof upside down without falling off.

Just recently Sidney has laid eggs, which have hatched. So now he has 5 babies to look after. Not only that outside in the garden Sidney has another mate, Timmy The Tortoise. Every now and then Sid goes for a ride round the yard on Timmy’s shell.

So I hope you have enjoyed viewing this information about my snail and if you have any further questions please contact

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God’s Magic Carpet

Green shoots peeping through the dusting of snow
Competing for winter light
The barren land so cold and raw
The cold wind blowing with all it’s might

This harsh unforgiving landscape
Seems to tell us nothing can live or thrive
It’s like the whole world has gone to sleep
How can plants. birds or animals possibly survive?

But neath the snow and hard cold ground
The plants are waking from their winter sleep
They want to show the whole wide world
Delicate beauty hidden in the soil so deep

A world full of colour, of mauve and lemon and white
Springs up from within the earth,
Gentle snowdrops, aconites, crocuses and wobbling bluebells
Primroses, pansies, gold forsythia signalling hope and birth.

A solitary robin pecks at holly berries bright red
Reflected in the pure carpet of white snow
Blackbird, bluetits, song thrushes and larks
Singing in early morning to set our hearts aglow.

God has woven a beautiful intricate carpet
Of spring flowers, entwining the miracle of hope eternal
Lacy petalled bonnets shielding these treasures from the breeze
This is Spring in all it’s glory, God’s gift to us supernal.

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The tale of the Little Christmas Tree

It was December and in a corner of an old stable stood a little green tree.  He had been such a happy little tree living with lots and lots of other  trees, and braving all kinds of weather, snow, rain, sunshine and cold winds.  His green leaves known as needles,  kept him warm in the winter and in the summer he would shed some of his needles so that he would feel cooler.  Life was good in the great outdoors and he was very happy.

One day some men came with shovels and trucks and started to dig all the  trees up. He was quite excited at the thought of an adventure as he had never lived anywhere else in his life.
All the trees were put into the back of a truck and taken away only to be put in a barn according to their size.  The little tree being the smallest was put into a far corner with some other small trees.

“These should stay till last” said a man “as they will not fetch so much money”.  The little tree was very worried now.  During the day lots of people came to the barn and paid the man some money and took a tree away.  Soon lots of the trees had gone and the little tree wondered what would become of them, and even more importantly what would happen to him.  He began to feel frightened.

As it grew dark there were only a few trees left.  Some children came rushing in just before the light faded and took the two trees in front of the little tree.

The barn door was shut and the little tree realised he was all alone.  He was now feeling very cold and frightened.  He had never ever been alone before.  He began to cry.  A tear rolled down and before he knew it he was crying his little heart out.  He wanted to be with the other trees.

He could just see some light through a hole in the barn and realised it was a bright star.  The star saw the little tree and asked him what he was doing in the barn.  The little tree told the star that he was all alone and that all the other trees had been taken away.  The star said he was very sad for the little tree.

The little tree fell asleep and had a dream.  He dreamt that he was in a far away country where it was quite hot.  It was Christmas time and there were lots and lots of people about on foot and some on donkeys.  He seemed to be in a stable of some kind, pushed into a corner.

A man and a woman came into the stable and the woman was crying out.  The man held her gently and sat her down.  The next thing the little tree could hear a baby crying.  The baby was wrapped  in a rough blanket and the man pulled a horse feeder toward the woman and put in some straw  The baby was then laid into the straw trough and slept peacefully.

There was suddenly great excitement and some shepherds appeared at the stable door and came in.  A small lamb galloped to the trough and looked at the new baby and stood watching as if to make sure the baby was safe.  Three men in fine clothes and jewellery then appeared, having travelled by camel, as the camels could be seen tethered outside. The men in fine clothes carried boxes of gifts for the new baby.

One of the men then looked into the corner and saw the little tree all alone.  He picked it up lovingly and dug a hole near to the trough and the three men placed the little tree into the hole. They then put two presents under the tree and decked the tree with straw and placed a third smaller package onto the tree, next to the new baby.
Suddenly there was singing and angels with wings appeared to be flying at the top of the stable.  One touched the little tree and placed a star on the very top.
“Christ the King is born to-day” sang the angels”.   “The Tree of Christ watches where he lay”.  The baby shall be called Jesus, and the little tree will be called the Christ Tree”.

There was much happiness and joy in the stable.

The little tree suddenly woke up.  What was happening to him?  He was being pulled  along on a sleigh by a reindeer and a big jolly man dressed in red with a big white beard.  The big man then knocked on the door of a house and children ran out and grabbed the little tree inside and pulled him inside.  The little tree was put into a huge pot of soil and the children were so excited and laughing.  They put lots of pretty coloured lights on the little tree, some coloured bells and balls and finally an angel on the very top of the little tree.

“You are such a beautiful  little tree” said the children.  The little tree was so happy he wanted to cry.  “We shall plant you in garden and each year at Christmas you will be our Christmas Tree.

The little tree remembered his dream.  He remembered the Angels saying that he would be called the Christ Tree.

Somehow word of the little tree’s adventure got out and from that day the Christ Tree has been a very big part of the Christmas story, and we of course know it as The Christmas Tree.

Barbara Brewin 18th December 2010.  All rights reserved.

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The Storm

The wind and rain battered the small shed in the woods. The thunder roared overhead and the lightning streaked through the trees, crackling as it went. Through the cracked window covered with cobwebs Sheila and Ben could see menacing shadows. Was someone out there? So many weird noises. Were there really witches who lived in these woods? They guessed they would soon find out.

They hid under a sack they had found to hide away as they were frightened and all alone. It had been sunny and warm when they had decided to play truant from school and play in the woods. School was so boring and they could not wait to leave. Why did they have to go every day? What a drag.. The woods were exciting and every time they came it was different.

So many things to see and do, so many animals and birds; a joy to behold They got to know all the birds, Ferdie the Fox, Dolly Dormouse and her family and have fun with the Otters. So much wildlife and so many strange and wonderful plants.

The little stream trickling through slowly to who knows where, but happily gurgling on its way. They would sometimes dip their feet into the clear water and feel the chill on their feet but that did not matter to them. This was fun. This was the life.

No rules, no telling on each other, this was their secret.

They could get into mischief and no one would know, no one would find out what they got up to. This was their place, their secret place. This forest of trees kept their secrets, shared their sorrows and rejoiced in their joy of life, laughter and fun.

The forest had always protected them up until now, had always been their friend and hiding place. Now it was turning into a dark and threatening place; a place they did not know. They were sure the trees were moving nearer and nearer, the wind was menacing and loud. The clap of thunder made them jump and they tried to hide further under the sack, clinging to each other for comfort.

They needed help but there was no one to hear them, no mobile phone, no houses close by. Even if they had one it would not have helped as there would not be any signal. They could feel their hearts beating in their breasts. Their chests felt tight and they wanted to be back at the School. If only.

Back in the village Post Office, Madge the Postmistress looked at the clock. Time to shut up for 10 minutes to fetch the children from School as it was such a bad storm. She did not usually meet them, but to-day was different.. She knew they would be scared of the storm. Putting on her scarf and an old raincoat Madge locked the door and battled against the cold wind and the storm. It was so dark, and when she reached the school gates she was a few minutes late. A solitary light shone through a school window and Madge went to the door and saw the teacher about to lock up. All the children had gone.

The children had left about 5 minutes ago and Made assumed they had gone straight home. Must have missed each other on the way.

Back in the forest, the storm was receding slightly. Inside the shed Sheila and Ben were getting a little braver, and came out from under the sack. Shaking off the dust they decided it would be best to make a run for it.

All of a sudden they heard the most exciting and welcome sound. Voices in the forest looking for them and calling their names. . They knew their two best friends would look for them, that they would never let them down.

Sheila and Ben come through the broken door of the shed and the friends ran towards each other hugging one another with happiness.

Making their way back to the Post Office the four friends were looking forward to their tea and the warmth of the bright fire.

Madge had been about to put out a call for them all, but she was so happy to see them that she told they could have whatever they liked for tea.

As for Sheila and Ben, only they knew why they had not been at the school gates as they always were every afternoon to meet Madge’s children and go home with them.

They too would have an extra treat after their tea. A huge great dog biscuit.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©

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A prayer for Sunday

Dear Lord on this your special day
Please help me as I go on my way
To try and live my life through you,
To do all that you would want me to.

Help me to be kind, loving and true
Listening and helping others who may be blue
Show me thy way to be selfless and kind
To my brothers and sisters and all mankind.

Please show me the pathway, rough or smooth
Knowing that you are there whichever way I move
Help me to know when things seem to go wrong
Your arms will be holding me, firm and strong.

For others who do not know of your love
Please bless and help them from above
Give them hope and freedom from fear
Help them to learn that you are always near.

Without you my Lord I would have no life
I would stumble onwards through toil and strife
But dear Lord knowing you are always there
I thank you for carrying the Cross of life I bear.

Come into my life through thick and thin
Loving all who are good and those who sin
Let mankind open their hearts to sing your praise
Please be with me to-day, tomorrow  and always.

Thank you God


Written By Barbara Brewin ©

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April trumpets spring

April the fourth month of the year
Full of hope, sunshine, showers and good cheer
Giggling raindrops soak the earth
As all of nature wakes to its rebirth

Bulbs peep gently through the ground
Birds pick twigs with joyful sound
Flying off their fresh nests to build
So with new fledglings they will be filled.

Daffodils trumpet in their golden hue
Wild bluebells ring out in their white and blue
Yellow primroses fly April’s banner
Drenching the hedgerows in majestic manner

Pink ragged robins dot the lanes
White kek with its lacy window panes
Hedgerows sprouting out in green array
Trees their leaves awakening in the breeze to sway,

Streams and rivers gurgling away
Ducks and geese have flown in to stay
April and nature blend into one
The best month of the year come wind, rain or sun.

Written by Barbara Brewin ©