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God’s Magic Carpet

Green shoots peeping through the dusting of snow
Competing for winter light
The barren land so cold and raw
The cold wind blowing with all it’s might

This harsh unforgiving landscape
Seems to tell us nothing can live or thrive
It’s like the whole world has gone to sleep
How can plants. birds or animals possibly survive?

But neath the snow and hard cold ground
The plants are waking from their winter sleep
They want to show the whole wide world
Delicate beauty hidden in the soil so deep

A world full of colour, of mauve and lemon and white
Springs up from within the earth,
Gentle snowdrops, aconites, crocuses and wobbling bluebells
Primroses, pansies, gold forsythia signalling hope and birth.

A solitary robin pecks at holly berries bright red
Reflected in the pure carpet of white snow
Blackbird, bluetits, song thrushes and larks
Singing in early morning to set our hearts aglow.

God has woven a beautiful intricate carpet
Of spring flowers, entwining the miracle of hope eternal
Lacy petalled bonnets shielding these treasures from the breeze
This is Spring in all it’s glory, God’s gift to us supernal.