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Sidney Snail’s Tongue Twisters

Here are a few Tonguetwisters,
Try to say them as fast as you can.

Shucks, sure Chuck the oyster shucker shucks
oyster shells at the oyster shell shucker’s sea shell
shop on the south side of C street next to the shoe shine
shop near the sea shore.
The Blue Bugler boy bugled the blue
Bugler boys blue blues.
The soldiers shoulder strap slipped
silently from the soldiers shoulder.

Better buy better rubber baby buggy bumpers
for baby brother Bubba’s baby buggy.

Two big bad babbling blackbirds battled
with battered beaks boisterously in the
blistering, burning, broiling heat.

Widow Wendy Winkle winked wickedly
wishing wistfully, whispering wild wayward words.

Tom Terry took treats to Tinkersville via
toy boat, toy boat, toy boat.
by Dan Evens

She says she swims swiftly
with her Swiss wrist watch.

Simple Sally Swindle Swaggle
says, she can swim swiftly
with her shiny, silver, Swiss wrist watch.

Simple Sally Swindle Swaggle
started sporting super, sparkling
silver spotted, slender, slinky, Spandex.
© 2001 by Lenard W. Eccles

which wishy Witch wishes to
wash the wishy Witches dishes.
Which Witch wishes to
wash the Witches dishes.

Cranky, Crabby Crab
Crawled to Crabby Coral
Crab’s Cruel Crab Crippler’s
Crab Trap

See the deep sleep street sweeper
sleeping soundly snoring softly
dreaming sweetly streeet sweeping
with his street sweeping sweeper
sounding swish swish

Brett Boon Bubble Gum

Brett Boon Chews Big Pink
Bubbly Bubble Double Gum
Big Bad Baseball Batting Babbling
Bubble Double Chewy Gum
Bad Big Brett Bubba Boon Blows Pink
Bouncy Bubbly Double Bubbles

Tippy Tappy Tip Toe Tippy-toed
through the Tulip Tapestry
timidly tripping and tapping
on the tips of his tippy tip toes