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Sidney the real snail!

Real life Sidney snail

Somebody called John Young found our website and wrote to us to tell us about his pet snail, also called Sidney;

This is Sidney the snail; he’s an adult Giant African Land Snail. Sid’s shell is about 5” long. He lives in a glass tank in my bedroom which is about 17” wide and 12” tall. He has one best buddy called Milfred that lives in the same tank as him. They both enjoy burying themselves in the moss which is in the bottom of the tank.

Sidney’s favourite foods are Cucumber, Lettuce and tomatoes. But he also enjoys eating most vegetables and any fruit. His favourite hobbies are sleeping, eating and hiding in his shell. Sid’s favourite type of music is heavy metal, and he loves to go for a quick swim in his water bowl every now and then. The one thing, which I find amazing about him, is that he can go on the roof upside down without falling off.

Just recently Sidney has laid eggs, which have hatched. So now he has 5 babies to look after. Not only that outside in the garden Sidney has another mate, Timmy The Tortoise. Every now and then Sid goes for a ride round the yard on Timmy’s shell.

So I hope you have enjoyed viewing this information about my snail and if you have any further questions please contact