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Sidney Snail Goes Downunder

Sidney goes downunder

Sidney Snail, Ripple the Rabbit and Frankie Frog had not been out for quite a while on any adventures. They were getting bored and wanted to do something very different.
They met, as usual, by the pond but could not think of any good ideas and just spent their time watching the different coloured fish swimming in the pond. Round and round went the fish, never seeming to get tired.

Sidney Snail, Ripple the Rabbit and Frankie Frog

“If only I could swim,” said Sidney “I could swim to the other side of the world.” Ripple looked at Sidney and said “Did you know the world is round?” “No” said Sidney, “in that case if I could swim it would take me twice as long.” After talking for a while the three friends said goodbye and arranged to meet the next day.
Sidney was not tired and decided to go for a walk. As he got half way along a footpath near the road he saw a big red box and the door was open. “I wonder what that is,” said Sidney to himself. “It looks warm so I will go and have a look.” Sidney climbed up to the open door and into the box. There was lots of paper in the box. “This looks good,” said Sidney to himself, and snuggling down he fell fast asleep.

Sidney sees a big red box
Sidney Snail woke up very suddenly. “Where am I; what is happening? he said to himself. He seemed to be inside something that was moving and he was frightened. “I want to go home,” he said to himself. He could do nothing for the moment and knew he had to stay where he was until whatever he was in stopped moving. He crept out of the box he seemed to have fallen into and looked around him. Moving towards a small window, he climbed up and looked out. “My goodness,” said Sidney “ I am up in the sky in a machine. How did I get here and where am I going?”

Sidney in the airplane storage
Sidney fell asleep again and when he woke up everything was very still and quiet. He very slowly came out of his shell and saw he was in a big building. Slowly he walked forward until he came to an open door. Going through the door he looked around him and ran towards a fence and some trees. He reached the trees. They all had leaves on and he could see lots of grass and Samantha Sun was shining. “ How had she got here?” he asked himself. All at once a small animal hopped towards Sidney.
“Hello little snail what is your name?” “I am Sidney Snail,” replied Sidney. “ I have traveled a long way. Who are you and what is your name?” he asked. “ I am Wobbly the Wallaby,” said his new friend. “But Ripple the Rabbit told me wallabies lived a long way away in Australia,” said Sidney. “Well” said Wobbly, “you are in Australia.” “But I can’t be” said Sidney. “I live in England.” “Well” said Wobbly, “how did you get here?” Sidney looked at him and said, “I came in a rocket in the sky.”

Sidney meets Wobbly the Wallaby
Wobbly the Wallaby laughed “I think you mean an airplane” he said. “You are a very brave snail.” Sidney did not feel very brave. He was in a strange country and how was he going to get back home?

“Before you go back to England you must come and meet some of my friends in the woods.” “Sit on my back and I will carry you,” said Wobbly. The unlikely pair traveled a short way and Wobbly called out to his friends, “come and meet Sidney Snail, all the way from England.”

Sidney rides on Wobbly's back
Out of the woods came the strangest animals Sidney had ever seen. There was a possum, a kangaroo, grey furry koala bears, an echidna with prickles, which looked like a large hedgehog and a brown furry wombat. Wobbly took Sidney to meet them all. “We only live here in Australia and nowhere else in the world,” said Wobbly. “It is our summer here.” Sidney could not understand. “In England it is very cold and dark now. Why is that?” Wobbly replied, “when it is night in Australia it is daytime in England. When it is winter in England it is summer here.” The seasons are the other way round. Sidney was very impressed.

Sidney meeting Wobbly's friends
The new friends and Sidney walked to the beach. The sand was so white and soft and the sea the bluest blue Sidney had ever seen. Wobbly showed Sidney how to throw a boomerang and make it come back again. It was great fun.
“I would like to bring my friends Ripple the Rabbit and Frankie Frog to visit Australia,” said Sidney Snail. “They are very welcome to come,” said Wobbly, “but we have to think how we can get you home.”

Sidney and friends sat by the beach

The friends sat and chatted and Wobbly said “we will sleep here for tonight because Sidney will be very tired and we will try to get him back to England tomorrow.”
When Sidney woke in the morning he was very hungry. He liked his new friends but he missed Ripple the Rabbit and Frankie the Frog. He wanted to go home.

Wobbly came hopping towards him with a big juicy green lettuce. It tasted so good and he ate one whole leaf to himself.

Wobbly bringing Sidney some lettuce
“How am I going to get back home Wobbly?” asked Sidney. “We will think of something,” replied Wobbly. Kipper the Koala joined them and they sat and thought and thought “I know” said Wobbly, “Sidney arrived on an airplane so he can go back on an airplane.” “Oh, why didn’t I think of that?” replied Sidney.

Sidney, Wobbly and Kipper
The three friends walked to the big shed where Sidney had woken up in a box when he arrived in Australia. All the boxes had gone but there were lots of parcels being loaded onto an airplane. The friends said their good-byes and Sidney promised to come to see them again bringing Ripple and Frankie with him. Wobbly gave Sidney the boomerang as a present.

The friends go back to the shed Sidney arrived at
Sidney found a large parcel which was very soft and had lots of red ribbon on it. He climbed onto the parcel and hid under the ribbon and fell fast asleep.

Sidney asleep on a parcel
When Sidney woke up he thought it had all been a dream. He was lying under the big tree in the garden.

Sidney asleep under a tree
Suddenly he saw Ripple and called out to him. Frankie came hopping up the garden at the same time. Sidney had never been so glad to see them.

Sidney, Ripple and Frankie
“Where have you been Sidney?” asked Ripple and Frankie. “I,” said Sidney, “have been to Australia. I met Wobbly the Wallaby; Kipper the Koala, and some other animals, which only live in Australia.”
Ripple and Frankie laughed. “Oh Sidney,” said Ripple, “you do tell some fine tales.” “But it is true,” said Sidney, “I really did go to Australia.” “In your dreams,” said his friends. They stayed and chatted for a while and Sidney said goodbye, as he wanted to go home.

Sidney, Ripple and Frankie
After Sidney had left, Ripple and Frankie laughed about Sidney and his stories and said goodnight to each other.

Ripple and Frankie
Just as they were leaving Ripple saw something under the tree. He picked it up. “ What is it?” asked Frankie. “It is a boomerang,” said Ripple who knew everything. “You throw it and it comes back to you?” Frankie had never seen a boomerang before. “Where did it come from do you think?” he asked.

Ripple and Frankie find a boomerang
“There is only one place it could have come from,” said Ripple “and that is Australia.”

Ripple and Frankie left each other deep in thought. “Had Sidney really been to Australia after all?” “But that was not possible, was it? Only Sidney knew the answer.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©
Illustrated by Lenard Eccles

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Sidney In Clover

Sidney Snail opened his eyes and gave a great big yawn. Slowly he got out of bed. The weather had been a mixture of rain and sunshine so there were plenty of lettuce and other vegetables in the garden. It was June and everything was green and fresh with plenty of places to find clean water.

After breakfast Sidney washed and put on a new shirt. He would go find Ripple the Rabbit.

Ripple was not in his usual place. Sidney began to walk to the pond. Perhaps Frankie Frog would know where Ripple was. Frankie was pleased to see Sidney. The two friends waved to Pip and Pippa who were swimming in the pond. As the friends turned a corner there was Ripple. A great big grin filled Ripple’s face. “What are you looking so pleased for?” asked Sidney.
“I am happy because I have found a patch of clover.”
“What on earth is clover?” asked Sidney and Frankie together. Ripple smiled at his friends and said “clover is a food all rabbits love to eat, especially pink clover. I am so lucky because there are no cows in the garden so I can have it all to myself.”

Sidney and Frankie looked at the patch of clover in the garden. The flower was pretty, but the green leaves were even prettier. Frankie and Sidney tried to eat the clover but spat it out.
“Good” said Ripple “there will be all the more for me.”
“That tasted awful,” said Sidney “do you eat the leaves as well?” “Sometimes” replied
“but it is the clover which is good. The people in the house do not like the clover and they try to get rid of it so I eat it.”

The leaves are very pretty,” said Sidney “but why do they have three leaves?” “They have
Three leaves because each leaf represents something – a symbol.”
“What is a symbol?” asked Sidney. Ripple who of course knew almost everything
answered “a symbol is something that has a special meaning. The clover is in the shape of a Shamrock and one leaf represents hope, another faith, and the other charity.” “But what is…” Before the friends could finish their question Ripple said “charity is giving to other people- you can give by way of a gift but this is more when you help people who are worse off than yourself.”

The friends sat thinking whilst Ripple finished eating. “You know,” said Ripple,
“sometimes you can find a four-leaf clover and that is said to bring good luck.”
“What are we waiting for then?” said Sidney and Frankie “Let’s start looking.”

The three friends spent ages looking for a four-leaf clover. They were getting
Very tired and Sidney said “are you sure you aren’t making this up Ripple?”
“Of course not,” replied a very indignant Ripple “why would I do that?”
“Sorry Ripple,” said Sidney “but out of all these leaves there are only three on each stem.”

Wearily the friends made their way home. They decided there was nothing further to do today. Next morning at first light the three friends met up. They went to the meadow nearby.

After half an hour Frankie called out excitedly “look, come quickly I have found a four-leaf clover.” Ripple and Sidney came and sure enough Frankie was holding a beautiful four-leaf clover. The friends were so excited. “Is it magic?” asked Sidney.
“Well” said Ripple, “it is said if you make a wish it will come true.” “What are we waiting for?” asked an excited Sidney. “Trouble is what do we wish for?” “Let’s wish for something exciting to happen,” said Sidney.

They all held the four-leaf clover, shut their eyes and wished. They opened their eyes. They were in a strange new place. It was beautiful, with trees, flowers, small streams and roadways leading in different directions. Nearby stood a small red car with a face on the front of the bonnet (hood). The friends jumped as a voice called to them to come to the car. They looked around but could not see anyone. “Who said that?” asked Sidney. As they neared the car they saw it’s mouth move. “I called to you” said the car, with a great big grin. “My name Is Cruso, I will I will take you for a ride, jump in.”

The friends opened the back door and jumped in. “Put on your seat belts tightly,” Said Cruso.
“Right we are off,” said Cruso. Before the friends could ask the where the driver was they were flying down the road so fast they could not see where they were going. “Isn’t this great fun?” said Cruso, “you will enjoy this.”
“If we live long enough,” said a scared Sidney. “Slow down please you are going too fast.”

“OK,” replied Cruso “but you have to agree that was fun.” “Was it? asked the friends
who were scared. “It is dangerous to drive fast.”

“I promise I will take you to some nice places,” said Cruso. “I promise not to go fast again .” “well we could have had an accident and hurt ourselves, so please go at a safe speed.” Cruso grinned, “friends?” he said. “Friends,” replied Ripple, Sidney and Frankie.

Cruso took the friends everywhere, to see the beautiful wooded forests, white silvery sand on the beach and the blue, blue sea, and the different animals in the parks. It was a wonderful sight. Some birds sat on the roof of the car enjoying the ride. They all had great fun, driving up hills, round corners, seeing such sights as the white capped mountains in the distance. The friends got out of the car for a while on the beach. Cruso kept driving and hiding behind the sand dunes. The friends had to find him. He was really a fun car and the friends were delighted. “Cruso, can we come and see you again, please?” asked Sidney. “Yes you are such fun and good sports—we can have lots of adventures together,” said a grinning Cruso.

After such a fun day Cruso drove the three friends back to where they had met.

On the way they came to a road with a stream running across it. “Look how pretty that is” said Ripple “with the water going across the road, how will we get across?” Asked Frankie. “No problem,” said Cruso as he drove straight through the water. Water flew everywhere – what great fun this was until Cruso made a loud groaning noise and stopped. The friends looked out the and saw they were stuck in the middle of the stream. “What are you going to do Cruso?” asked the friends. “I don’t know groaned a very wet Cruso, I guess you will have to push me.” “Oh no,” groaned the three friends “but I guess we’ll have to try.” The three friends tried to push, harder and harder but it was no good, Cruso was well and truly stuck. “I know,” said Sidney, “we have had one wish on the four-leaf clover, there must be three wishes left—let’s make a wish that someone will come and help us.”

The three friends shut their eyes and wished. When they opened their eyes who should be strolling along the road but their old adversary Brushtail the fox. The friends had never been so glad to see Brushtail who came to see what was happening. “I will help you,” said Brushtail, “Ripple and I will push from the back and Sidney and Frankie can sit on the bonnet to make sure nothing gets in the way.”

With that all four pushed and looked out. Then with a huge GLUG Cruso began to move forward. A big grin appeared on his face. “Thank you my friends now I will drop you off where I found you and go home to my little garage to rest. Please come and see me again. We will have some great adventures. I am a magic car.”
The friends waved happily to Cruso as he drove off with a big blow on his horn.

“Are you coming back with us Brushtail?” asked the three friends. “No I have to go visit my family, but I will be back.”

What a fun day the friends had had but it was time to think about going home.

They took out the four-leaf clover and wished again. As their eyes opened they could see they were back in their garden. It was good to be back safely. It had been such a good day. They would have many adventures together. They had one wish left. They would save that for another day.
“Ripple,” asked Sidney “if the three-leaf clover represents three symbols, then what does the fourth leaf represent?” Even Ripple had to stop and think about this.

“Well” he replied, “ guess if three leaves represent faith, hope, and charity, then the only thing the fourth can represent is love.” “Hmm” said Sidney, “does that mean we
should all love each other and be friends?” I guess so,” replied Ripple

“We should all love and be kind to one another.” “Even to Brushtail and Caesar the Cat?” asked Frankie Frog. “I guess so,” said Sidney.
“We will have to find some more four-leaf clover leaves so that we can go back to see Cruso,” said Sidney. The friends agreed.
So if you ever see a snail, a rabbit, and a frog looking for something in grass it may well be that magic four-leaf clover and if you find a four-leaf clover and make a wish you too could share in its magic.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©

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Sidney Snail and Milkman

Sidney snail and Milkman

Sidney Snail was curious. Each day he would see something different that made life more exciting and interesting.
He noticed that every morning a man in a blue coat and white cap would come in a small electric cart, stop at the front of the house, go to the front door and put down four small bottles containing something white and then take away some empty glass bottles.

the milkman

The man came every morning at the same time. The Bottles had a silver top and every day a lady at the house would pick up the bottles to take inside. She would then put them back on the doorstep when they were empty.

Sidney looking at the milk bottles

Sidney was dying to know what was happening and would walk past the bottles each day to try to find out more.

One morning he saw that Daisy Blackbird was on top of one of the bottles and was pecking at the silver top until she had made a hole in it. “What are you doing Daisy” asked Sidney. “I am very thirsty,” said Daisy and I am having a drink – it is so good. “What is it?” asked Sidney. “It is milk which comes from cows and the cream of the milk is at the top of the bottle and sometimes I break the seal to drink the cream”. “Would you like to try some? Sidney was not sure “isn’t that stealing?” he asked Daisy. Daisy put her head on one side and thought for a moment. “Well, I suppose we should not really do it but it is so good, and anyway, the people in the house should take it in if they don’t want us to have some”.

Blackbird on top of the milk bottle

Sidney convinced himself that Daisy was right and he climbed up the bottle to the top, and drank from the open top. “My that is good and very filling,” said Sidney thoroughly enjoying the taste. He had never tasted a drink, which was so good.

Sidney drinking from the top of the milk bottle
After the two friends had had enough to drink they said their goodbyes. Sidney climbed down the bottle and went to look for Ripple and Frankie and when he found them he told them about his adventure with Daisy. “Well just watch yourself Sidney,” said Ripple “because if you are caught you will be in real trouble”. Sidney was thoughtful.

Sidney and friends
The next day the Milkman arrived at the usual time and Sidney was waiting nearby. As soon as the milkman delivered the milk he climbed half way up one of the bottles for a drink. Before he could reach the top a hand came down and picked up the bottle. It was the milkman and he carried the bottle (with a very scared Sidney) back onto the Van. “Only 3 to-day” said the milkman out loud. The Van started to move and Sidney hung onto the bottle for dear life. Oh how he wished he had listened to Ripple and Frankie and that he was back with them.

Sidney on a bottle being picked up by the milkman
The Van stopped every few yards and the milkman would take bottles to the peoples houses and bring back the empty ones. Sidney decided he would have to try and jump off the van at the next stop, but before he could move, the bottle was picked up and (with Sidney hanging on for dear life) delivered to a strange doorstep. Sidney was shaking with fright. He did not know where he was, nor how he was going to get back home. He went and hid under a stone to think what he could do and fell asleep. When he woke it was getting late and Mr. Moon was beginning to shine in the sky. Sidney had slept most of the day. Worst of all he could not have a drink as there was no milk on the doorstep and he was all alone.

Sidney hiding beneath a stone

He did not know which way turn for home and he felt so lonely and alone. If only Ripple and Frankie were here. They would know what to do. As if by magic, his wishes were answered, Ripple and Frankie appeared at the garden gate and called to him. He went as fast as he could. He had never been so glad to see anyone in his life.

Sidney sees his friends
“Oh thank you, thank you so much” said Sidney “but how did you know where to find me? “Well” said Ripple” we looked all over the garden and were worried. Then Daisy Blackbird came to see us and said the last time she had seen you, you were trying to drink milk from the bottle. The next thing she saw was the milkman taking the bottle away and you with it” You have Daisy to thank for us finding you.

“But if it had not been for Daisy I would not have started to drink milk in the first place and would not have been in this mess” said a guilty Sidney.

“Don’t try and blame Daisy” said his friends. Daisy should not be drinking the milk either but you knew it was not yours so you should have left it alone”

Poor Sidney felt very sorry for himself, but he knew his friends were right. If he wanted something badly enough he had to earn it or ask someone if he could have some. Then he would not be frightened and would not get into trouble.

Ripple and Frankie felt sorry for Sidney – he had learned a hard lesson, so they promised him they would meet him the next day.

Sidney and friends
As Sidney went on his way, humming a tune, he stopped very suddenly as one of the children put something out on the doorstep. “What could it be”!. He went nearer and saw it was a huge dish with some milk in it. He saw Caesar the cat come to the saucer and start to drink.

Sidney sees Caeser drinking milk from a dish

Bravely Sidney went up to Caesar. “Can I have a drink of milk please” asked Sidney. “Well just a drop” said Caesar. “How did you know where to find the milk” asked Sidney Caesar looked at him and said “the children put out a saucer of milk here for me every evening”.

So after all be had been through poor Sidney realised that he did not need to take milk from the milk bottles at all. It was there under his very nose every evening.
What a relief he felt, and every day as he saw the milkman deliver the milk bottles he would smile to himself and think “well I shall not get caught doing anything like that again”. I only hope Daisy Blackbird will be as lucky as me”

When Sidney told his mother what had happened she said “Sidney, if you do anything wrong, you will always be found out – I feel sure you have learned your lesson.

Sidney and his mum
He certainly had He would never ever take anything that did not belong to him again.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©
Illustrated by Lenard Eccles

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Sidney Snail and The Magic Egg

Sidney decided to take his usual morning walk down the garden. As he got halfway down he could see some kind of hut with wire around it. “What’s going on?” he thought to himself. “I’ll go and see for myself.”

He hid behind a bush until the Giants from the house (whom he knew now to be people) had gone in. “Very odd” thought Sidney “ I wonder what that is for.”
Later in the day he could hear strange, new sounds, which woke him up, from his afternoon nap. “I have to go and see what they are,” he thought to himself.

He came out of his house and he saw that there were some birds inside the wire, but they were strange birds he had not seen before, “Cock a doodle doo, Cock a doodle doo” cried a big white bird on seeing Sidney. “My name is Burt and I am a cockerel: Who are you?” he asked Sidney. “I am Sidney Snail,” said Sidney “and what are these other birds making a funny noise?” “They” said Burt “are chickens and hens and they are my family. I am the boss.”
“Can I meet your family?” asked Sidney. “ I suppose so said Burt. Come this way.”

Sidney moved into the wire enclosure and met two brown hens Lucy and Jenny: “They said their hello’s and Jenny said she had to go sit on some eggs. “What are eggs?” asked Sidney.

“I lay one egg every day” said Jenny. “And the people at the house come and pick it up and they eat it for their breakfast. They are very good eggs.”

Jenny then called to Sidney to come see something. “What is it?” he asked peering into the dark hut. “Follow me” said Jenny. As Sidney’s eyes got used to the dark he could see two oval shapes in a nest. “These are my eggs and I sit on them all day, but because they are special eggs they are not picked up each day.” “Why are they special?” asked Sidney. “You will have to wait and see” said Jenny.

Sidney said goodbye and wandered off. Later that night he went to visit Burt and Lucy and jenny but they had been shut up for the night to keep Brushtail the fox away. Sidney went back the next morning but Burt and Jenny and Lucy were eating their food.

“I will just go and have a peep at the eggs” said Sidney, letting himself into the shed. The two eggs were still there. Suddenly he heard a tapping noise, Tap, tap, tap.
“What could it be?” It seemed to be coming from the egg, but that was not possible, was it?” he thought to himself.

Sidney went back the next morning bur Burt and Jenny and Lucy were eating their food.
“I will just go and have a peep at the eggs” said Sidney, letting himself into the shed. The two eggs were still there. Suddenly he heard a tapping noise, Tap, tap, tap.
“What could it be?” It seemed to be coming from the egg, but that was not possible, was it?”
he thought to himself.

Suddenly he saw a great big crack in the egg. He was frightened Burt and the hens would think he had broken it. As he turned to run away, he heard a noise, “cheep, cheep, cheep,”

He looked around and to his amazement, where the egg had been stood the tiniest, fluffiest little hen he had ever seen. “Cheep, cheep” went the little stranger. Sidney went and called Jenny.

“Look at your egg – it is a magic egg and it had a chicken in it- see he is over there.” Jenny came running in “oh I have a baby chicken and I shall call him Feathers.” “Can I come and see him again?” asked Sidney. “Of course you can” said Jenny, “and who knows the other egg may be magic as well” she said.
“ will come and see you and will tell all my friends you lay magic eggs.”
The next day as Sidney went to visit Lucy and Jenny he saw Burt strutting around very proudly with Jenny and two tiny yellow chickens behind them. “Gosh” said Sidney “that other egg must have been magic too, I cannot believe it.” “How on earth did those chickens get inside those eggs?”

“I must go home to try to work it out so I can tell Ripple and Frankie when they come home.”
So Sidney went home and thought and thought and thought about the chickens in the eggs. “Yes” he finally decided “they are indeed Magic Eggs” and with that he fell happily asleep.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©