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A bit about boats

boat drawing

Here are some questions that people ask on boats:

Which side of the ship is the water on?

Does the ship dock in the centre of town?

Is there a lift from the back to the front of the ship?

A lady rang the purser’s office to say she had unpacked her cases and asked how she got out of the cabin. Rather perplexed, the person answering the phone replied, “Well through the door”.
The lady replied that there were two doors; one leading to the bathroom and the other had a notice,
‘Do Not Disturb’

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Sidney the real snail!

Real life Sidney snail

Somebody called John Young found our website and wrote to us to tell us about his pet snail, also called Sidney;

This is Sidney the snail; he’s an adult Giant African Land Snail. Sid’s shell is about 5” long. He lives in a glass tank in my bedroom which is about 17” wide and 12” tall. He has one best buddy called Milfred that lives in the same tank as him. They both enjoy burying themselves in the moss which is in the bottom of the tank.

Sidney’s favourite foods are Cucumber, Lettuce and tomatoes. But he also enjoys eating most vegetables and any fruit. His favourite hobbies are sleeping, eating and hiding in his shell. Sid’s favourite type of music is heavy metal, and he loves to go for a quick swim in his water bowl every now and then. The one thing, which I find amazing about him, is that he can go on the roof upside down without falling off.

Just recently Sidney has laid eggs, which have hatched. So now he has 5 babies to look after. Not only that outside in the garden Sidney has another mate, Timmy The Tortoise. Every now and then Sid goes for a ride round the yard on Timmy’s shell.

So I hope you have enjoyed viewing this information about my snail and if you have any further questions please contact

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Sidney Snail’s Tongue Twisters

Here are a few Tonguetwisters,
Try to say them as fast as you can.

Shucks, sure Chuck the oyster shucker shucks
oyster shells at the oyster shell shucker’s sea shell
shop on the south side of C street next to the shoe shine
shop near the sea shore.
The Blue Bugler boy bugled the blue
Bugler boys blue blues.
The soldiers shoulder strap slipped
silently from the soldiers shoulder.

Better buy better rubber baby buggy bumpers
for baby brother Bubba’s baby buggy.

Two big bad babbling blackbirds battled
with battered beaks boisterously in the
blistering, burning, broiling heat.

Widow Wendy Winkle winked wickedly
wishing wistfully, whispering wild wayward words.

Tom Terry took treats to Tinkersville via
toy boat, toy boat, toy boat.
by Dan Evens

She says she swims swiftly
with her Swiss wrist watch.

Simple Sally Swindle Swaggle
says, she can swim swiftly
with her shiny, silver, Swiss wrist watch.

Simple Sally Swindle Swaggle
started sporting super, sparkling
silver spotted, slender, slinky, Spandex.
© 2001 by Lenard W. Eccles

which wishy Witch wishes to
wash the wishy Witches dishes.
Which Witch wishes to
wash the Witches dishes.

Cranky, Crabby Crab
Crawled to Crabby Coral
Crab’s Cruel Crab Crippler’s
Crab Trap

See the deep sleep street sweeper
sleeping soundly snoring softly
dreaming sweetly streeet sweeping
with his street sweeping sweeper
sounding swish swish

Brett Boon Bubble Gum

Brett Boon Chews Big Pink
Bubbly Bubble Double Gum
Big Bad Baseball Batting Babbling
Bubble Double Chewy Gum
Bad Big Brett Bubba Boon Blows Pink
Bouncy Bubbly Double Bubbles

Tippy Tappy Tip Toe Tippy-toed
through the Tulip Tapestry
timidly tripping and tapping
on the tips of his tippy tip toes

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God’s Magic Carpet

Green shoots peeping through the dusting of snow
Competing for winter light
The barren land so cold and raw
The cold wind blowing with all it’s might

This harsh unforgiving landscape
Seems to tell us nothing can live or thrive
It’s like the whole world has gone to sleep
How can plants. birds or animals possibly survive?

But neath the snow and hard cold ground
The plants are waking from their winter sleep
They want to show the whole wide world
Delicate beauty hidden in the soil so deep

A world full of colour, of mauve and lemon and white
Springs up from within the earth,
Gentle snowdrops, aconites, crocuses and wobbling bluebells
Primroses, pansies, gold forsythia signalling hope and birth.

A solitary robin pecks at holly berries bright red
Reflected in the pure carpet of white snow
Blackbird, bluetits, song thrushes and larks
Singing in early morning to set our hearts aglow.

God has woven a beautiful intricate carpet
Of spring flowers, entwining the miracle of hope eternal
Lacy petalled bonnets shielding these treasures from the breeze
This is Spring in all it’s glory, God’s gift to us supernal.

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The Christmas Birthday

Fairy stars twinkling in the sky so high
Banishing the dark clouds, who leave with a sigh
Lacy snowflakes form a white cloak over the earth
In readiness for a miraculous and heaven sent birth.

A baby King born in Bethlehem
Not for him opulence, jewels nor even a diadem
But a roadway strewn with thorns along the way
God’s only son, Jesus born in a lowly stable to-day.

In manger of straw, lowly born, so few clothes to keep him warm
Mary and Joseph sheltering from life’s storm
This new born baby is God’s gift to mankind
In the hope that the world peace, hope and love will find.

Some Shepherds left their flocks that night
They had to see for themselves this heavenly sight
Three Wise Men, riding on camel back, sages of their day
Gave gold, frankincense and myrrh away.

The brightest star in heaven shone out so bright
Over all Bethlehem it shed its light that night
Angels played their harpsichords in joy
To celebrate the Christmas birth of this special little boy.

Little Donkey stood quietly by the lowly manger
To nuzzle and protect the new born baby from danger
Cows and sheep their watch did keep
Keeping quiet as Baby Jesus was fast asleep.

God’s promised Son was born this night
The choirs of Angels were a joyous sight
Peace Joyand hope; the whole world rejoices
Its Christmas Day – let’s celebrate with happy voices.

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Bobells cat

Bobells was a white cat with long thick fur. She must have been 7 when she came to live with us. She came for 6 months fostering and was with us for 6 years.

I did not know at the time that lots of white cats are born deaf. Bobells was deaf too. She would be fast asleep in a chair or on the floor and you could put the vacuum cleaner on and go around her and she would not stir.

She loved lots of fuss and was not a bit aggressive. She tended to preen over the other cats.

When she was younger she had been in a road accident and had to have her badly damaged face rebuilt. She was left with quite a bad wheeze, that when she slept she snored so loudly it would wake you up. I used to often get the blame for snoring but it was Bobells.

She would only drink water out of a glass!! She had her own glass in the bathroom and every morning without fail she would jump up and drink out of the glass when I was in the shower. It had to be a fresh glass each morning and a fresh glass each night.

I also had a glass of water on the shelf above the bed, and after several drenchings in the middle of the night, I learned to put it on the window sill. Bobells have tried to drink it and knocked the glass down all over me.

She became almost human and I swear she understood all; that was said to her, perhaps she could read lips!

One day when she was out in the garden I called and called her but she would not come in. My grandson Gareth said “Grandma, why do you call Bobells when you know she cannot hear you?” The odd thing was that you forgot her deafness and treated her just like the others.

She loved to sit in the sun and because she had pink ears she had to have sun tan cream put on them so they did not burn.

Her fur would come off everywhere so if you wore dark colours you finished up with white fur all over you. Her fur was so thick she had to be brushed most days, but she loved this and would purr and purr. She sounded just like a tractor engine.

I never knew her to catch a bird or mouse. She would chase leaves in the garden and drink from the fish pond.

When we first had her she saw a hedgehog for the first time. Of course she had to explore and put her nose to the hedgehog, and she never did this again as the prickles hurt her nose.

She was such a gentle, trusting cat. When she became old and had to be taken to the vet she sat in her box looking at all the other animals. I knew she was very, very ill (she had a lump which kept growing in her side, and it was only going to get bigger and bigger). I knew that she would have to be put to sleep painlessly and I was with her all the time, holding her. I could not allow her to live and suffer. She drifted off peacefully in my arms, and I could not stop crying. I had brought her in the car, and she seemed not to have a care in the world. Now she was back in the car, a blanket over her little body.

I knew I had done the right thing, but why did I feel I had let her down? She had trusted me always, and now she would only be coming home to be buried under the plum tree with her pal, Missey, who had died four weeks before. She was also with Fluffy and Gypsy who she had never known.

Everyone said I had done the right thing, the kindest thing. So why do I feel guilt – that I let her down? The tears keep falling and I don’t try to stop them.

I loved you Bobells. I hope you know how much I loved you. Perhaps one day I will understand why I let you go rather than try to keep you for a few more weeks. And I pray too that you will understand my darling.