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April trumpets spring

April the fourth month of the year
Full of hope, sunshine, showers and good cheer
Giggling raindrops soak the earth
As all of nature wakes to its rebirth

Bulbs peep gently through the ground
Birds pick twigs with joyful sound
Flying off their fresh nests to build
So with new fledglings they will be filled.

Daffodils trumpet in their golden hue
Wild bluebells ring out in their white and blue
Yellow primroses fly April’s banner
Drenching the hedgerows in majestic manner

Pink ragged robins dot the lanes
White kek with its lacy window panes
Hedgerows sprouting out in green array
Trees their leaves awakening in the breeze to sway,

Streams and rivers gurgling away
Ducks and geese have flown in to stay
April and nature blend into one
The best month of the year come wind, rain or sun.

Written by Barbara Brewin ©

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The Lighthouse

There was a secret lighthouse
Standing erect and tall and free
He loved the life he lived and knew
Always looking out to sea.

A Beacon for all the many ships
That passed by day and night
In all kinds of stormy weather
He flashed and shone his safety light.

He wore his livery of red and white
So proud and tall he stood
He braved the rains the winds and storms
He weathered every mood

On large liners, cargo vessels and tiny boats
He would cast his beady eye
Safe haven he would afford to all
Ensure there was no sadness, and no tears to cry

This beacon in the darkness
Till the shades of night turn into day
Should give us hope, that like the Lighthouse
When we are lost, we will be shown the way.

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The birthday of a baby king

Fairy stars twinkling in the sky so high
Banishing the dark clouds, who leave with a sigh
Lacy snowflakes form a white cloak over the earth
In readiness for a miraculous and heaven sent birth.

A baby King born in Bethlehem
Not for him opulence, jewels nor even a diadem
But a roadway strewn with thorns along the way
God’s only son, Jesus born in a lowly stable to-day.

In manger of straw, lowly born, so few clothes to keep him warm
Mary and Joseph sheltering from life’s storm
This new born baby is God’s gift to mankind
In the hope that the world peace, hope and love will find.

Some Shepherds left their flocks that night
They had to see for themselves this heavenly sight
Three Wise Men, riding on camel back, sages of their day
Gave gold, frankincense and myrrh away.

The brightest star in heaven shone out so bright
Over all Bethlehem it shed its light that night
Angels played their harpsichords in joy
To celebrate the Christmas birth of this special little boy.

Little Donkey stood quietly by the lowly , manger
To nuzzle and protect the new born baby from danger
Cows and sheep their watch did keep
Keeping quiet as Baby Jesus was fast asleep.

God’s promised Son was born this night
The choirs of Angels were a joyous sight
Peace Joy –and hope; the whole world rejoices
Its Christmas Day – let’s celebrate with happy voices.

Written by Barbara Brewin©

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The Sweetshop Ball

Sweetshop had shut up for the day
The Maltesers decided they were going away
They packed their gear in a Dairy Box
To climb a Glacier called Mint Fox

The sweets were now all wide awake
There was All Sorts of fun to make
The Chocolate Mice ran to and fro
As the Mars Bars to Mothers Pub did go

The Kit Kats spotted the chocolate mice
Who ran circles round the Coconut Ice
The Bounty cried because it was in dry dock
Time showed After Eight on the big wall clock.

The Marathons were training very hard
Some Pear Drops and Spangles standing on guard
The Smarties were looking for a Treet
They moved up market to Quality Street.

The clever Jelly Tots got carried away
Too lazy to walk, they used a Milk Tray
The Dolly Mixtures danced and sang
To the All Gold heavy metal music –Bubble Gum went off with a bang.

The Coconut Mushrooms were timid and shy
Wine Gums and Chocolate Buttons looking up to the sky
To see The Sherbet Flying Saucers whizzing around
The Liquorice Torpedoes stayed firmly on the ground

The Jelly Tots decided to loop the loop
Chocolate Cigarettes played Polo and Hula Hoop
Sherbet dips joined their friend Liquorice Straw
The Crème Eggs were lying flat out on the floor.

Even the Minstrels loved this free for all party
The Humbugs were picking a fight with a Smartie
But they all agreed a good Feast was had by all
As they danced the night away at the Aniseed Ball.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©

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Because you’ve gone

As I wake up every morning,
When the dawn chorus breaks into song
Reality and grief suddenly hit me
That you are no longer with me my darling
I remember you’ve gone,

As I wake up every morning
When the night has seemed so long
I see the sunshine through the cloud
But my heart suddenly plummets my love
I remember you’ve gone.

As I wake up every morning
Contentment saying this is where I belong
I hear the radio alarm playing our song
The truth suddenly comes and hits me
I remember you’ve gone.

As I wake up every morning
Safely snug and warm in bed
Life is great – whilst my thoughts still sleep
Suddenly they waken to face yet another empty day
I remember you’ve gone.

As I wake up every morning.
To a dark and deep abyss – will it always be like this?
Suddenly I see an indent on the bed
I know then you have been sitting, watching over me
Even though you’ve gone.

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First day of school

August is still here, but only just
Back to school will soon be a must
Four year olds leaving mum and dad for the first time
As at nine o clock the school bell will chime.

Smart new uniforms in gold and blue
Shoes brushed and polished till they shine like new
Hair groomed and parted, teeth a gleaming white
Not a shirt tail to be seen in sight.

Smart new ties, striped and tied with knot,
Blazer with badge for each little tot
How smart and grown up these youngsters look
Satchels to carry maths and a reading book.

Dinner money in a purse
School inspection by the nurse
Now the children file into classroom
Mum’s all crying, saying see you soon.

Little ones starting a brand new phase
To prepare them for life’s more worldly ways
Reading, writing and arithmetic
Start them young, this is the trick.

Tired and worn out at the end of the day
Shirt tails hanging out, ties awry,
At lunchtime it was fun to play
But it really has been a tiring day.

The welcome Home Time bell rings out at last
The little ones stream out, some slow, some fast.
Some in silence some in tears,
As they say goodbye to the formative years.

These are the best years of their lives
Reciting tables, twos, threes, four and fives
School might mean happiness, joy and sorrow
But these are our future, the men and women of tomorrow.

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The Magic Broomstick

There is a magic broomstick
Upon which witches ride,
On dark and spooky windy nights
Up into the air it glides.

Soaring over trees and hills
It travels far and wide
The magic cat sits on the back
His black face a grin from side to side.

Mr.Moon peeps through the clouds
As they scud across the sky
He provides light and guidance through the night
As the magic broomstick whizzes by.

The witches cackle as they ride,
They don’t mean any harm,
In pointed hats and long black cloaks
They drop a good luck charm.

So if you look up into the sky
On a dark October night
You’ll most likely see the broomstick
And the witches magic light.

The magic broomstick casts good spells
On children everywhere
Then in a puff of magic smoke
The broomstick vanishes into thin air.

Written by Barbara Brewin ©

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The Windmill

On a tall hill a windmill stood
A beacon for all to see
His painted sails flew round and round
He was as happy as happy could be.

Whatever the weather the windmill sat
So tall and bright and proud
A Landmark for every traveller to find
A sanctuary, far from the crowds

His face belied a great big smile
As he watched the world go by
“This is the life” the windmill said
“I hope I never die.”

The windmill sat for years and years
The whole world at his feet,
His sails drove the water through the stream,
The chaff turned into wheat.

A happy windmill, loved by all
His life mapped out he thought,
But finally old age set in,
His sails gave up, he was distraught.

No more did the windmill smile
Nor did his sails go round
He felt that he was of no more use
His smiling face now frowned.

But one bright day as the windmill cried,
A Rainbow came strolling by
He asked the windmill in a gentle voice,
“Why is it that you cry?”

The windmill told him the whole sad tale
That he was of no more use
“Don’t worry” said Rainbow “I’ve colour to spare
I’ll paint you brightly, use oil and spruce.

So Rainbow painted all day long
And the windmill began to smile
Bright new colours of red and gold
He would be good as new in a while

Now on a tall hill a windmill stands
A beacon for all to see
His painted sails fly round and round
He is as happy as happy can be.

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Ode to August

Welcome August, glad you came
To have missed you would have been a shame
Your Golden Sunshine cheers the world
Like a flag that has been unfurled

August warms each ache and pain
When the sun chases off the rain
Ice cream sellers on the beach
Make mine a cornet, flavour peach.

See buckets and spades – red, yellow and blue
Sandcastles, rock pools, to name but a few
Children swimming in the sea
Boats a bobbing round in glee

Mums and Dads – in striped deck chairs,
Kiddies running round in pairs
Sea shells glinting in the golden sand
Punch and Judy, and where’s that Band?

Donkey rides – just so much fun,
Dolly and Polly, run, run run,
Warm Candy Floss – in pink and white
What a wonderful holiday sight.

People sunbathing all day long,
For goodness sake, put that sun cream on!
Don’t get burnt for it will hurt
So Dad for heavens sake put on that shirt

The whirligig goes round and round,
Hear the barrel organ’s sound.
Fun and laughter all the way
That is August – every day.

Written by Barbara Brewin ©

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There on Rainbow View Ridge
sits a soft little Missey.
She waits for her Master
who prepared a mansion called Misty.

How beautiful the view
from so far above,
with gardens of flowers and such,
like the home she left, just full of love.

She spent a good life
below on the earth,
she even raised a family
of kittens with soft fur

She’d welcome you
with a soft warm purrrrrrr,
you’d pick her up gently
and stroke behind each ear.

She knew when you whispered
she’d not have to fear,
the words that you spoke
she knew that you cared.

When you turned the lights low
it was time for your sleep.
She’d sprint to your bed
and snuggle at your feet.

The weight of her warmth
it felt just right,
you dreamed sweet dreams,
through the long winter night.

In and out of that
swinging pet door,
Missey learned to use it,
she knew what it was for.

Missey lived a long sweet life
being your best friend,
now she waits faithfully
on Heavens
Rainbow View Ridge.

Written by Lenard W. Eccles©