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Sidney Snail

Sidney Snail is a
lively snail

and unlike slugs, he
leaves no trail.

He’s kind to flowers,
and nice to plants

and he can
make friends

with frisky
little ants.

He’s usually proper
and mostly polite,

puts his fork on the left
and his knife on his right.

He can be as
quiet as a mouse

or as strong as a lion
he can carry his house.

He takes his home
wherever he goes,

he pulls in his head
or pokes out his nose.

His friends are as close
as a sister or brother,

when they run into trouble,
they help each other.

He wants people and
animals to be good

and do the things
they know they should.

Like eat your spinach
before your pie

and never punch
a smaller guy.

Like brush your teeth
and comb your hair

and if you have to fight,
fight fair and square.

Even when you’re grown up
listen to your mom,

if you want to hear more
go to

and if you want to see, Sidney’s
handsome good looks,

well, just read the exciting
Sidney Snail books.

Written by Ree Cie Ivan©

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The Easter bunny

Easter Eggs, in the shops galore,
Buy just one and you’ll want lots more.
One for Mum and one for Dad
And all the children, that’s not bad.

Easter eggs are just such fun
They herald Spring which brings the sun
How did the Easter eggs get here?
From the Easter Bunny that is clear.

In coloured wrappers bright they come
Undoing them is such great fun.
Ribbons like rainbows tied around.
The shiny chocolate to be found.

The chocolate eggs, they are such treats
Shapes of rabbits, chickens and sweetmeats.
But wait awhile before you eat,
What is the purpose of such a treat?

Good Friday brings the Hot Cross Bun
When Jesus died for us: God’s only son
But Joy! on Easter Day, He rose
He loved us so much this path he chose

So eat your Easter eggs with joy
God loves us, every girl and boy
His love surrounds us – day and night
Look up in the sky – His star shines bright.

Enjoy your Easter Eggs. Have fun

Written By Barbara Brewin ©

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Cats are fluffy, cats are fun
They love to roll over in the sun.
Some are big and some are small
Some are short and some are tall
Cats come in all colours and sleep all day.
They are so lazy in their way.
They demand their food, it is their right,
They really are a wonderful sight.

They rule the roost, pick the best chair,
Try and remove them, if you dare.
Their claws they love to exercise,
Buy them a scratch post if you are wise.

Cats are kings of all they survey
They ALWAYS end up getting their way.
But company they are and friends for life
They help you through all life’s toil and strife.

Loyal and faithful, they will always be there
And yes they will love you if you care
They understand your every mood
They will be a comfort when you brood.

So choose a cat as your best friend
It will love you always to the end.
A friend for life, a soul mate too
All your problems it will share with you.

Black and white or tangerine
Cats always love to prance and preen
So choose a cat who will train you well.
Then you and he will get on swell

for life

Written by Barbara Brewin©

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Hold on to your dreams

Another year has nearly passed
Where did it go, someone just asked?
The days the weeks, the months, the year,
It seems only yesterday they were just here.

But now, Old Man Time has marched so fast
This year’s New Year is nearly past.
A New Year heralds, what is in store?
If only we knew; that we could be sure.

But wait; would we really want to know?
If we did, then the excitement would really go.
Each year it has its ups and downs.
Smiles and laughter, tears and frowns.

Best to take each day one at a time
With all the uphills there might be to climb.
Then another day may beckon you,
To do good deeds, to be kind and true.

Be kind and caring; do your best
A smile, or laugh will do the rest.
For every loss and every woe,
Remember God’s love, and never let go.

Yes have your dreams, and make them come true,
But remember that sometimes days can be blue.
So make the most of each new day
Each one so different in its own way.

See the dream catcher’s shimmering light
It holds your dreams within its sight
Hold onto your dreams and hold them tight
They will come true when the time is right.

Be patient, caring, strong and tall
Even when the leaves of winter fall.
As spring awakes, a new dawn appears
Take on your dreams with happy tears.

Hold onto the dreams, don’t let them go,
Impossible? You just never know
Just be sure the faith to keep
Dreams don’t just happen when you’re asleep.

Your Dreams
Come True

Written by Barbara Brewin©

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Waspy was a summer wasp
With black and yellow stripes
He used to buzz and buzz all day
Getting in everybody’s way

Waspy flew here and Waspy flew there,
Getting into everybody’s hair
The people tried to shoo him away
But in Waspy’s mind this was not OK

Waspy loved ice cream, and candyfloss
When he saw children with these, Waspy was boss
He was fast; he buzzed loud and never missed a chance
But he had great fun seeing people trying to dance.

He knew not why they would be scared
He just wanted to be loved, seen and cared
Oh yes he had a sting in his tail
But this was only a small detail

Now Waspy’s buzz was worse than his sting
Perhaps if he had a bell, he could ring.
All he wanted was the whole world to know
He wanted to be the star of the show.

If only people would leave him alone.
He could make a small noise just like small telehone
If Waspy was left along to do his own thing
There would be no need to worry; he would not need his sting.

Waspy could be grumpy, Waspy could be cross
But Waspy could be happy and not really care a toss
All he wanted was a little bit of love, and a little bit of care
But all everyone would say to him “Just sting me if you dare”

Poor Waspy could not win

Written By Barbara Brewin ©

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Thread of life

Life is just a slender thread
Like the magic of the spider’s web

It shimmers yellow, white and gold
The hard-spun patterns, soft and bold

The rain-dewed threads, take hours to spin
Like life’s journey, where does it begin?

The spider takes it in her stride,
She plods away, her skill her pride.

So many different webs she weaves,
It’s hard to see just where she leaves.

The thread it quivers, very frail
Just like life and it’s uncertain trail.

Another night, another day
The Spider’s web has gone away.

So make the most of each new day
One slip and the thread, like life, slips away.
It’s too precious, don’t let it slip away

Written By Barbara Brewin ©

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Oh Joy for Christmas

Oh Joy, Oh Joy a Child is born
This new birth heralds Christmas Morn
A shining star – it lights the way
To a new Saviour born to-day.

The Angels Sing, The bells do ring,
The World rejoices ding-dong ding

Oh Joy, Oh Joy a Child is born
A time of hope, a fresh new dawn
A new beginning, another day,
When hearts are full of hope, and pray

The Angels Sing, The bells do ring
The World rejoices ding-dong ding.

Oh Joy Oh Joy to all mankind
All saddened hearts find peace of mind
A new Babe heralds Christmas Day,
For world peace, and hope and joy we pray

The Angels Sing, The bells do ring
The World rejoices ding-dong ding.

Oh Joy Oh Joy for Christmas cheer
God’s newborn son, we are blessed ‘tis clear
The world will be a happier place
As Christmas love and peace we face

The Angels Sing, The bells do ring
The World rejoices ding-dong ding.


Written by Barbara Brewin ©


This poem can also be sung to the tune of ‘The Sussex Carol’.

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Hedgehog, hedgehog, what shall I do
During the daytime I can never find you.

I look up the garden, by day in the light
Of you and your family I never catch sight.

You are so lazy you sleep all the day
I’ll find where you live; there must be a way.

For years now you come out only at night
To see you I have to shine my torch light

The bowl in the garden is full of cat food
But you come out each evening, in hungry mood

When I come near you, you curl up into a ball
Of tight little needles – your protective, safe wall

Come to October your babies you bring
To fatten them up so they make it to Spring.

You love to show off with your babies galore
It’s your way to say thank you, you’ll be back for more

I follow you back to from wherever you came
But you run so fast, I lose you, it is just such a shame.

So the puzzle still remains to be solved
Just where do you live – is it safe from the cold?

Your secret is safe; I will leave you in peace
To live in safety in your underground fleece

Year after year you will visit again
Knowing that my garden is your tranquil domain.

Dear Little Hedgehog you will always be there
Because you know I just love you and care.

Your home is your secret, it is safe with me
But just you keep coming, for the whole world to see

Written By Barbara Brewin ©

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Listen quietly – hear the silence
How deafening it can be

Listen quietly -hear the songbirds
I hear two or three

Listen to the rushing wind
Always running late

Hear the patter of the raindrops
And the banging of the garden gate

Listen to the rustling of the trees
Majestic decked in gold and silver leaves

Listen to the golden spider
As her magic web she weaves

Listen to a baby’s heartbeat
Safe inside its mother’s womb

Listen to the sound of music
From the Songthrush in happy tune

Hear the new born lambs a bleating
The lowly cow mooing, as her calf asks for more!

Hear the sea, the seashells crashing
On the far and distant shore

These are just a few of God’s Miracles
There are so many, many more

Written by Barbara Brewin©

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There was no time to say goodbye
Why God? I asked, as I wiped my eye
This evil seed, which grew and grew
Was something I never really knew

The clouds of dust are all around
Dead bodies lying on the ground
Someone’s mother, daughter, son,
Father, brother or just someone

Promise God you will be there
To love and keep them in your care
For to day the stars have lost their light
They cannot bear to see the sight

The Tears are running down my face
I pray we may all be given grace
Give us the courage to face each day
That this evil will go away

Give us tears that we may grieve
For the loved ones who have had to leave
We know they couldn’t say goodbye
But why God did they have to die?

One day we hope to understand
Why evil visited our land
Now the tears are pouring fast
Not just for the future but for the past

For the moment, we wipe our eyes
As our Nation weeps and cries
For us who are left behind to mourn
Tomorrow will bring forth a brand new dawn

As we left behind feel the aching pain
Your deaths will not have been in vain
We will build a cross of wood and tears
To bring a world of peace for future years

God Bless America

Written By Barbara Brewin ©