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April trumpets spring

April the fourth month of the year
Full of hope, sunshine, showers and good cheer
Giggling raindrops soak the earth
As all of nature wakes to its rebirth

Bulbs peep gently through the ground
Birds pick twigs with joyful sound
Flying off their fresh nests to build
So with new fledglings they will be filled.

Daffodils trumpet in their golden hue
Wild bluebells ring out in their white and blue
Yellow primroses fly April’s banner
Drenching the hedgerows in majestic manner

Pink ragged robins dot the lanes
White kek with its lacy window panes
Hedgerows sprouting out in green array
Trees their leaves awakening in the breeze to sway,

Streams and rivers gurgling away
Ducks and geese have flown in to stay
April and nature blend into one
The best month of the year come wind, rain or sun.

Written by Barbara Brewin ©