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Bonfire night

Children collecting twigs and leaves
Pulling conkers from the trees
Piles of boxes, piles of clothes
Onto the Bonfire everything goes.

Rickety old pushchair, full of junk
This year’s Guy is quite a hunk
Penny for the Guy is the children’s call
Give more than a penny and we can have a ball.

Magic lanterns twinkle in the night
Orange pumpkins filled with candlelight
The smell of roasted chestnuts fills the air
Mugs of hot soup and warm clothes to wear

The time is ready for the fun to begin,
Check under that fire to see no ones hidden
Make sure no hedgehogs asleep in their nest
And that there are no dormice having a rest.

Now the bonfire is set alight, to childrens screams of pure delight
The smoke and flames spiral up into the moonlit night.
Jumping jacks, rockets and Catherine wheels
With bangers and sparklers fast on their heels.

Poor Mr Guy does not stand a chance
As the flames on the fire make him jiggle and dance
His sorry form soon disappears
Some of the little children are now in tears?

The sky is such a pretty sight
All lit up with its magic light
Stars and spangles, rings and flashes
Soon the bonfire will be a pile of ashes.

Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night each year?
The Houses of Parliament I hear you shout loud and clear
Guy Fawkes once tried to burn them down
He wanted to be King and wear the crown.

So every year it’s the same old thing,
Bangers and rockets and one great big din.
Keep the cats and dogs and pets inside
You enjoy yourselves –as for me I’m a spoilsport and am going to hide!!

Written by Barbara Brewin©