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February fill dyke, chill winds, lots of frost and snow
Let’s find love to make our cold cheeks give a warm glow
With bright blood red roses and chocolates to sweeten the way
Remember the 14th February is Saint Valentines Day.

Ladies and gentleman anxiously watch for Valentine cards in the post
Fingers crossed and hoping; wondering who will get the most?
Will there be a huge bouquet of flowers for the ladies?
Perhaps a tall dark handsome stranger will drive up in a Mercedes?

This is the day when lovers bravely open their hearts
When Cupids arrow explodes into a cascade of colourful darts
Romance and love, hugs and kisses; be it pauper or millionaire
Will the lucky chosen lady be brunette, red haired or fair?

A time of excitement, of love, wonder, kisses and romance
Now take your chosen partner for the very last dance
Gentlemen be very sure your love is true and sincere
Be warned the lady may propose, after all 2012 is a Leap Year!!!