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Garden Hedgehogs

Hedgehog, hedgehog, what shall I do
During the daytime I can never find you.

I look up the garden, by day and at night
Of you and your family I never catch sight.

You are so lazy you sleep all the day
I’ll find where you live; there must be a way.

For years now you come out only at night
To see you I have to shine my torch light

The bowl in the garden is full of cat food
But you come out each evening, in hungry mood

When I come near you, you curl up into a ball
Of tight little needles – your protective, safe wall

Come to October your babies you bring
To fatten them up so they make it to Spring.

You love to show off with your babies galore
It’s your way to say thank you, you’ll be back for more

I follow you back to from wherever you came
But you run so fast, I lose you, it is just such a shame.

So the puzzle still remains to be solved
Just where do you live – is it safe from the cold?

Your secret is safe; I will leave you in peace
To live in safety in your underground fleece

Year after year you will visit again
Knowing that my garden is your tranquil domain.

Dear Little Hedgehog you will always be there
Because you know I just love you and care.

Your home is your secret, it is safe with me
But just you keep coming, for the whole world to see