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Hold onto your dreams

Another year has nearly passed
Where did it go, someone just asked?
The days the weeks, the months, the year,
It seems only yesterday they were just here.

But now, Old Man Time has marched so fast
This year’s New Year is nearly past.
A New Year heralds, what is in store?
If only we knew; that we could be sure.

But wait; would we really want to know?
If we did, then the excitement would really go.
Each year it has its ups and downs.
Smiles and laughter, tears and frowns.

Best to take each day one at a time
With all the uphills there might be to climb.
Then another day may beckon you,
To do good deeds, to be kind and true.

Be kind and caring; do your best
A smile, or laugh will do the rest.
For every loss and every woe,
Remember God’s love, and never let go.

Yes have your dreams, and make them come true,
But remember that sometimes days can be blue.
So make the most of each new day
Each one so different in its own way.

See the dream catcher’s shimmering light
It holds your dreams within its sight
Hold onto your dreams and hold them tight
They will come true when the time is right.

Be patient, caring, strong and tall
Even when the leaves of winter fall.
As spring awakes, a new dawn appears
Take on your dreams with happy tears.

Hold onto the dreams, don’t let them go,
Impossible? You just never know
Just be sure the faith to keep
Dreams don’t just happen when you’re asleep.

Your Dreams
Come True