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Listen quietly – hear the silence
How deafening it can be

Listen quietly -hear the songbirds
I hear two or three

Listen to the rushing wind
Always running late

Hear the patter of the raindrops
And the banging of the garden gate

Listen to the rustling of the trees
Majestic decked in gold and silver leaves

Listen to the golden spider
As her magic web she weaves

Listen to a baby’s heartbeat
Safe inside its mother’s womb

Listen to the sound of music
From the Songthrush in happy tune

Hear the new born lambs a bleating
The lowly cow mooing, as her calf asks for more!

Hear the sea, the seashells crashing
On the far and distant shore

These are just a few of God’s Miracles
There are so many, many more

Written by Barbara Brewin©