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There on Rainbow View Ridge
sits a soft little Missey.
She waits for her Master
who prepared a mansion called Misty.

How beautiful the view
from so far above,
with gardens of flowers and such,
like the home she left, just full of love.

She spent a good life
below on the earth,
she even raised a family
of kittens with soft fur

She’d welcome you
with a soft warm purrrrrrr,
you’d pick her up gently
and stroke behind each ear.

She knew when you whispered
she’d not have to fear,
the words that you spoke
she knew that you cared.

When you turned the lights low
it was time for your sleep.
She’d sprint to your bed
and snuggle at your feet.

The weight of her warmth
it felt just right,
you dreamed sweet dreams,
through the long winter night.

In and out of that
swinging pet door,
Missey learned to use it,
she knew what it was for.

Missey lived a long sweet life
being your best friend,
now she waits faithfully
on Heavens
Rainbow View Ridge.

Written by Lenard W. Eccles©