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Ode to August

Welcome August, glad you came
To have missed you would have been a shame
Your Golden Sunshine cheers the world
Like a flag that has been unfurled

August warms each ache and pain
When the sun chases off the rain
Ice cream sellers on the beach
Make mine a cornet, flavour peach.

See buckets and spades – red, yellow and blue
Sandcastles, rock pools, to name but a few
Children swimming in the sea
Boats a bobbing round in glee

Mums and Dads – in striped deck chairs,
Kiddies running round in pairs
Sea shells glinting in the golden sand
Punch and Judy, and where’s that Band?

Donkey rides – just so much fun,
Dolly and Polly, run, run run,
Warm Candy Floss – in pink and white
What a wonderful holiday sight.

People sunbathing all day long,
For goodness sake, put that sun cream on!
Don’t get burnt for it will hurt
So Dad for heavens sake put on that shirt

The whirligig goes round and round,
Hear the barrel organ’s sound.
Fun and laughter all the way
That is August – every day.

Written by Barbara Brewin ©