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Raindrops falling from the sky
Onto the earth so hard and dry
Scorched grass reaching out to drink
Dying flowers are on the brink.

Pearl drop tears fall from each cloud
Like small diamonds on a shroud
Smell the freshness of the air
The cleansing of the land so fair.

The pools of water lay around
The flowers and birds with joy rebound.
They can all now drink and quench their thirst
Once again into song they burst.

The sun comes out in a glorious blaze,
Spreading out his glorious rays.
The tear drops dazzle sparkling white,
A rainbow follows to delight.

So many colours all together
A magic arc of coloured pleasure
Red orange yellow green and blues
Indigo and violet are the rainbow’s hues.

This is magic at its best
Seen from north south east and west
See the rainbow bright and bold.
Find the magic pot of gold.


Written by Barbara Brewin©