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Shadows in the night

Shadows darting here and there
Whispers echoing through the air
The gentle wind sighing in delight
Under a starry, moonlit night.

Dormice rustling leaves for food,
Big eyed owl in grumpy mood
Brushtail fox goes walking by
Brock the badger gives a sigh

Birds are sleeping in the trees
Hedgehogs playing hard to please
Squirrels stealing nuts to store,
Witches broomstick on the floor.

Ripples swirling on the lake
Frogs and toads their chance do take.
Fish swimming round all half asleep
As orange newts night watch do keep.

These shadows dart from place to place,
The spider’s web is made of lace
These are the shadows of the night
Before the dawn and morning light.

Cockerel crows to say it’s dawn
The birds dawn chorus wakes us all
The animal world has gone to bed.
The shadows of the night have fled