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There was no time to say goodbye
Why God? I asked, as I wiped my eye
This evil seed, which grew and grew
Was something I never really knew

The clouds of dust are all around
Dead bodies lying on the ground
Someone’s mother, daughter, son,
Father, brother or just someone

Promise God you will be there
To love and keep them in your care
For to day the stars have lost their light
They cannot bear to see the sight

The Tears are running down my face
I pray we may all be given grace
Give us the courage to face each day
That this evil will go away

Give us tears that we may grieve
For the loved ones who have had to leave
We know they couldn’t say goodbye
But why God did they have to die?

One day we hope to understand
Why evil visited our land
Now the tears are pouring fast
Not just for the future but for the past

For the moment, we wipe our eyes
As our Nation weeps and cries
For us who are left behind to mourn
Tomorrow will bring forth a brand new dawn

As we left behind feel the aching pain
Your deaths will not have been in vain
We will build a cross of wood and tears
To bring a world of peace for future years

God Bless America

Written By Barbara Brewin ©