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The birthday of a baby king

Fairy stars twinkling in the sky so high
Banishing the dark clouds, who leave with a sigh
Lacy snowflakes form a white cloak over the earth
In readiness for a miraculous and heaven sent birth.

A baby King born in Bethlehem
Not for him opulence, jewels nor even a diadem
But a roadway strewn with thorns along the way
God’s only son, Jesus born in a lowly stable to-day.

In manger of straw, lowly born, so few clothes to keep him warm
Mary and Joseph sheltering from life’s storm
This new born baby is God’s gift to mankind
In the hope that the world peace, hope and love will find.

Some Shepherds left their flocks that night
They had to see for themselves this heavenly sight
Three Wise Men, riding on camel back, sages of their day
Gave gold, frankincense and myrrh away.

The brightest star in heaven shone out so bright
Over all Bethlehem it shed its light that night
Angels played their harpsichords in joy
To celebrate the Christmas birth of this special little boy.

Little Donkey stood quietly by the lowly , manger
To nuzzle and protect the new born baby from danger
Cows and sheep their watch did keep
Keeping quiet as Baby Jesus was fast asleep.

God’s promised Son was born this night
The choirs of Angels were a joyous sight
Peace Joy –and hope; the whole world rejoices
Its Christmas Day – let’s celebrate with happy voices.

Written by Barbara Brewin©