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The Flame of Love

I am the flame lit especially my darling for you
I see tears falling softly like petals when summer is through
Its light flickers gently, the warmth melting your heart
The gentle breeze whispering ,we are never apart.

I am the flame that never goes out
Whenever you have days full of darkness and doubt.
When the black cloud of sadness dresses you in despair
Remember that my flame will always be there

I am the flame that is strong, good and kind
You know I will never leave you behind
To be alone would be sad; I will always be there
My flame flickers gently because I love you, and care.

I am the flame that helps make you  strong
Who knows that some days you feel you can’t carry on
Look into the flame and see memories of happy days
When mother nature was kind and gentle in her ways.

I am the flame that will love you for ever
Please don’t give up, we will always be together
For I love you and cherish you – you live in my heart
For the rest of our lives we will never be apart.

I am the flame that is heaven sent from above
A sign that I will always be with you my love
Yes let the tears flow and be sad for awhile
Then move forward my darling with your beautiful smile.

I am the flame that will light the way for the rest of your life
As you lit my heart on earth when you were my wife
My darling I am only ever a whisper away from your heart
The flame shines for ever – we are never apart.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©