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The Sweetshop Ball

Sweetshop had shut up for the day
The Maltesers decided they were going away
They packed their gear in a Dairy Box
To climb a Glacier called Mint Fox

The sweets were now all wide awake
There was All Sorts of fun to make
The Chocolate Mice ran to and fro
As the Mars Bars to Mothers Pub did go

The Kit Kats spotted the chocolate mice
Who ran circles round the Coconut Ice
The Bounty cried because it was in dry dock
Time showed After Eight on the big wall clock.

The Marathons were training very hard
Some Pear Drops and Spangles standing on guard
The Smarties were looking for a Treet
They moved up market to Quality Street.

The clever Jelly Tots got carried away
Too lazy to walk, they used a Milk Tray
The Dolly Mixtures danced and sang
To the All Gold heavy metal music –Bubble Gum went off with a bang.

The Coconut Mushrooms were timid and shy
Wine Gums and Chocolate Buttons looking up to the sky
To see The Sherbet Flying Saucers whizzing around
The Liquorice Torpedoes stayed firmly on the ground

The Jelly Tots decided to loop the loop
Chocolate Cigarettes played Polo and Hula Hoop
Sherbet dips joined their friend Liquorice Straw
The Crème Eggs were lying flat out on the floor.

Even the Minstrels loved this free for all party
The Humbugs were picking a fight with a Smartie
But they all agreed a good Feast was had by all
As they danced the night away at the Aniseed Ball.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©