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The Windmill

On a tall hill a windmill stood
A beacon for all to see
His painted sails flew round and round
He was as happy as happy could be.

Whatever the weather the windmill sat
So tall and bright and proud
A Landmark for every traveller to find
A sanctuary, far from the crowds

His face belied a great big smile
As he watched the world go by
“This is the life” the windmill said
“I hope I never die.”

The windmill sat for years and years
The whole world at his feet,
His sails drove the water through the stream,
The chaff turned into wheat.

A happy windmill, loved by all
His life mapped out he thought,
But finally old age set in,
His sails gave up, he was distraught.

No more did the windmill smile
Nor did his sails go round
He felt that he was of no more use
His smiling face now frowned.

But one bright day as the windmill cried,
A Rainbow came strolling by
He asked the windmill in a gentle voice,
“Why is it that you cry?”

The windmill told him the whole sad tale
That he was of no more use
“Don’t worry” said Rainbow “I’ve colour to spare
I’ll paint you brightly, use oil and spruce.

So Rainbow painted all day long
And the windmill began to smile
Bright new colours of red and gold
He would be good as new in a while

Now on a tall hill a windmill stands
A beacon for all to see
His painted sails fly round and round
He is as happy as happy can be.