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The Sun has gone. Where can it be?
All summer it was there for me.
But now it must have gone away,
will it come back another day? It’s warmth and heat made me feel good,
but now we have fires made out of wood.
The flicker in the hearth may glow,
but watch out for the cold, white winter snow.

All the birds have flown away,
could they not have stayed another day?
But to climates warm in groups they flew,
to miss the winds as they blew and blew.

All the trees have lost their leaves,
one lonely spider spins and weaves.
All her friends have gone to sleep,
in the long dark winter, they burrow deep.

The garden looks so dull and bare,
it seems to me it doesn’t care.
But hark, the redbreast robin comes,
foraging for berries and for crumbs.

His winter song he sings so loud,
oh look, there’s blue behind that cloud.
The robin sings his Christmas song.
Hark; Father Christmas will soon be along.

Now the snow is on the ground,
the earth it utters not a sound.
The winter really has come fast,
but worry not, it will not last.

The trees are white with magic frost
for all to see, there is no cost.
The snowflakes flutter to the ground,
we’ll make a snowman, big and round.

Oh, winter can be really fun
even if we miss the bright warm sun.
But around the corner spring awaits,
and guess who is waiting at the gates?

The gates of summer will open wide,
when spring has mingled with such pride.
Snowdrops, crocuses and singing bells,
the Daffodil trumpets – Springtime tells.

At last the winter months are gone,
the mistle thrush and blackbird are in full song.
The buds are bursting out with pride,
as a brand new world beckons us outside.

Make the most of each new day,
it’s own adventure, it’s own new way.
Every day brings something new,
it’s now up to you, and you and you!

Written By Barbara Brewin ©