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Sidney the real snail!

Real life Sidney snail

Somebody called John Young found our website and wrote to us to tell us about his pet snail, also called Sidney;

This is Sidney the snail; he’s an adult Giant African Land Snail. Sid’s shell is about 5” long. He lives in a glass tank in my bedroom which is about 17” wide and 12” tall. He has one best buddy called Milfred that lives in the same tank as him. They both enjoy burying themselves in the moss which is in the bottom of the tank.

Sidney’s favourite foods are Cucumber, Lettuce and tomatoes. But he also enjoys eating most vegetables and any fruit. His favourite hobbies are sleeping, eating and hiding in his shell. Sid’s favourite type of music is heavy metal, and he loves to go for a quick swim in his water bowl every now and then. The one thing, which I find amazing about him, is that he can go on the roof upside down without falling off.

Just recently Sidney has laid eggs, which have hatched. So now he has 5 babies to look after. Not only that outside in the garden Sidney has another mate, Timmy The Tortoise. Every now and then Sid goes for a ride round the yard on Timmy’s shell.

So I hope you have enjoyed viewing this information about my snail and if you have any further questions please contact

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Sidney Snail’s Tongue Twisters

Here are a few Tonguetwisters,
Try to say them as fast as you can.

Shucks, sure Chuck the oyster shucker shucks
oyster shells at the oyster shell shucker’s sea shell
shop on the south side of C street next to the shoe shine
shop near the sea shore.
The Blue Bugler boy bugled the blue
Bugler boys blue blues.
The soldiers shoulder strap slipped
silently from the soldiers shoulder.

Better buy better rubber baby buggy bumpers
for baby brother Bubba’s baby buggy.

Two big bad babbling blackbirds battled
with battered beaks boisterously in the
blistering, burning, broiling heat.

Widow Wendy Winkle winked wickedly
wishing wistfully, whispering wild wayward words.

Tom Terry took treats to Tinkersville via
toy boat, toy boat, toy boat.
by Dan Evens

She says she swims swiftly
with her Swiss wrist watch.

Simple Sally Swindle Swaggle
says, she can swim swiftly
with her shiny, silver, Swiss wrist watch.

Simple Sally Swindle Swaggle
started sporting super, sparkling
silver spotted, slender, slinky, Spandex.
© 2001 by Lenard W. Eccles

which wishy Witch wishes to
wash the wishy Witches dishes.
Which Witch wishes to
wash the Witches dishes.

Cranky, Crabby Crab
Crawled to Crabby Coral
Crab’s Cruel Crab Crippler’s
Crab Trap

See the deep sleep street sweeper
sleeping soundly snoring softly
dreaming sweetly streeet sweeping
with his street sweeping sweeper
sounding swish swish

Brett Boon Bubble Gum

Brett Boon Chews Big Pink
Bubbly Bubble Double Gum
Big Bad Baseball Batting Babbling
Bubble Double Chewy Gum
Bad Big Brett Bubba Boon Blows Pink
Bouncy Bubbly Double Bubbles

Tippy Tappy Tip Toe Tippy-toed
through the Tulip Tapestry
timidly tripping and tapping
on the tips of his tippy tip toes

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Pego, The Sea Unicorn

Pego, the sea unicorn

In the mighty ocean lived a little seahorse. He was a very young seahorse learning to swim in the shallow water along the sandy shore. He loved to play hide and seek in the sea grass with his friends. He had many sea animals to visit such as sea urchins, starfish, clams and many others. He was loved by all these ocean creatures. His mother and father taught him to be respectful and kind to everyone.

One bright, sunny afternoon while playing near a pool of water by some low rocks, he could see his face in the water. There was a funny little bump on his forehead which made him look different from all the other seahorses, even his mother and father. When he asked his parents what is was, they didn’t know.

Little seahorse looking at his reflection

Every day the bump kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and it began to twist. The little seahorse was very curious about why it was there and growing so fast. He didn’t remember hitting his head on one of the rocks, which could have caused the bump. What could it be?

As it grew it became more twisty and pointy at the end. That really worried the little seahorse. He had to find out what it was, but who could tell him? He thought to himself, ‘maybe the starfish can tell me’. So he went to see the starfish to ask him what this funny, twisty, pointy thing on his forehead was.

“Hello, Mr. Starfish, how are you today?”

Seahorse talking to the starfish

“I am just fine, little seahorse, how are you doing, you look very worried about something. Could it be that funny, twisty, pointy thing on your forehead?”
“Why, yes it is. Can you tell me what it is and why it is on my forehead?”
MR. Starfish didn’t know, but he said “King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea can tell you.”

This was good news for the little sea horse, so he asked Mr. Starfish where he could find King Neptune. But Mr. Starfish didn’t know where King Neptune was. The little seahorse would have to search for him. But this was a big, big ocean and the little seahorse was a very tiny creature. Who could he ask where to find King Neptune?

So the little seahorse started out on his journey to find the wise King of the Sea. As he swam along he met Mother Whale and her young baby.

Little seahorse meets a baby whale and its mother

“Hello, Mrs. Whale.”
“Why, hello, little seahorse. What are you doing so far away from home, and what is that funny, twisty, pointy thing on your forehead?”
He said with a sad look in his eyes, “I don’t know, so I am looking for King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea, to ask him if he knows what it is. Do you know where I can find him?”
“Little seahorse, I have been up north in the whale nursery giving birth to my baby and I haven’t seen him in a long time. But I am sure someone can tell you where he is.” She showed off her baby. “This is Melody, my new daughter.”
The little seahorse smiled at the baby and said, “Hello, Melody, I am a little seahorse and it is nice to meet you.” Then he said goodbye and started off again on his search for King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea.

Suddenly a giant squid popped up in front of the little seahorse. He was startled because he had never seen a giant squid before.

“Hello, little seahorse, how are you, and what are you doing so far from home?” He pointed to the seahorse’s head with one of his long arms. “What is that funny, twisty, pointy thing on your forehead?”

The little seahorse said, “Hello, Mr…..ummmm….”

Little seahorse meets Mr. Giant Squid

The giant squid laughed and replied, “I am Mr. Giant Squid and I have many arms.”
The little seahorse was a bit embarrassed because he hadn’t known the creature’s name, but he was polite and greeted the giant squid with a “Hello.” Looking sad, he said, “I don’t know what this funny, twisty, pointy thing is growing out of my forehead, so I am searching for King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea. Maybe he can tell me what it is and where it came from.”

Mr. Giant Squid said. “I would help you, but I have many things to do myself. Good luck in your search.” And off he swam with his many arms swishing him along. The little seahorse was left alone to decide where to look next.

By this time he was getting very tired and hungry, so he stopped to rest and look for the tiny brine shrimp that were his favorite food. After a good meal and a much needed rest, the little seahorse began his search once again. He had been swimming a long way from home and had been gone from his family a long time. He needed to find King Neptune soon so he could return home with news about the funny, twisty, pointy thing on his forehead.

Suddenly he saw something scary. “Oh, there is Mr. Mean Shark!” He said to himself. “I’d better hide behind these rocks before he sees me.” Not finding anything tasty to eat, the shark soon swam away.

Little seahorse hides from Mr.Mean Shark

“Wow! That was close! But he is gone now, so I can come our from behind these rocks and be on my way.” The little seahorse didn’t know if Mr. Mean Shark would eat him or not, but he didn’t want to take any chances. “I think I can go now and look for King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea.”

By this time the funny, twisty, pointy thing on his forehead was becoming bigger and bigger and longer. But he didn’t notice how long it was growing because he couldn’t see it. The little seahorse was swimming along enjoying the ocean view when he felt a sudden shock.

“OW! What was that?” he exclaimed.

Little seahorse meets Mr. Electric Eel

“Oh, I’m sorry, little seahorse. It was just me, Mr. Electric Eel, scratching my back on this rocky ledge. By the way, what is that funny, twisty, pointy thing on your forehead?”

The little seahorse told him “I don’t know what it is or why it is there. I’m searching for King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea. Do you know where I can find him? Maybe he can tell me what this is and why it is on my forehead.”

“No I haven’t seen him, “ said Mr. Electric Eel, “but if you keep travelling in the direction you are going, I am sure you will find him.”
“Oh, thank you, Mr. Electric Eel. Thank you so very much.” The little seahorse began swimming again in the same direction.

He hadn’t travelled very far when he met Mr. Giant Clam. “SNAP, SNAP,” went Giant Clam, opening and shutting his huge shell.

Little seahorse meets Mr. Giant Clam

The little seahorse swam quickly out of Giant Clam’s way. “That was too close for comfort”, he said to himself. On he went. Soon he saw Mrs. Jellyfish and her little jellyfish children playing in the sand on the bottom of the ocean floor.

“Hello, Mrs. Jellyfish. How are you and your little jellyfish today? It looks as if they are having lots of fun.”

Little seahorse meets Mrs. Jellyfish and her children

Mrs Jellyfish looked up and said, “Hello, little seahorse. What is that funny, twisty, pointy thing sticking out of your forehead?”

The little seahorse was feeling so unhappy about the funny, twisty, pointy thing that had grown out of his forehead, he almost cried, “I don’t know, Mrs. Jellyfish. I am searching of King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea, to ask him if he knows what it is and why it is growing out of my forehead. I am so tired. I have been swimming many miles in search of him. Can you help me?”

Mrs. Jellyfish thought for a minute and then said, “I’m not sure, little seahorse, I have heard that he is not too far from here. But you must watch out for Mr. Stingray. He is in a nasty mood today. He accidentally stung himself with his tail and it must hurt very much.”

Mr. Stingray

The little seahorse thanked Mrs. Jellyfish and told her he would be very careful of Mr. Stingray. So off he went again in search of King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea.

Suddenly there was a giant shadow over the little seahorse. “My, oh, my!” he gasped. “What is that?”

“It is I, Mr. Stingray, and I don’t feel very good today.”

Little seahorse meets Mr. Stingray

“I am very sorry to hear that Mr. Stingray. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”
“Well, I don’t know what a little seahorse with a funny, twisty, pointy thing sticking out of his forehead could do to make me feel better.”
“Well, I am not sure,” replied the little seahorse, “maybe I could rub the tender spot with my twisty, pointed whatever-it-is on my forehead. Perhaps it will help soothe you and make you feel better.”
Mr Stingray said, “Very well, you can try.” So the little seahorse gently rubbed the sore spot where Mr. Stingray had stung himself.
“Ah!” cried Mr. Stingray. “That feels so good, little seahorse. Can you rub just a little more?” So the little seahorse rubbed for a little while longer.
Then Mr. Stingray said, “You have made me feel much better. The sore spot isn’t tender any more.”

Little seahorse helps Mr. Stingray feel better

So a friendship began between them. But Mr. Stingray was curious about the thing on little seahorse’s head. “By the way, what is that funny, twisty, pointy thing growing out of your forehead?”

With a gloomy look, the little seahorse replied, “I don’t know. I am trying to find King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea, to see if he can tell me what it is and why it is on my forehead. Do you know where I can find him, Mr. Stingray? I really need to talk to him.”

Mr. Stingray thought for a minute, then pointed with his long, whip-like tail, “If you swim in a straight line in that direction, I think you will find Miss Maddie Mermaid. She can take you to King Neptune.”

“Thank you, Mr. Stingray, for helping me.”
“Well, thank you, little sea horse, for making me feel better and causing my tender spot to heal.”
“You are very welcome, Mr. Stingray. I am glad I was able to be of help to you. Goodbye now and have a nice day.”

Off he went to find Miss Maddie the Mermaid. When he swam up to the surface to look for her, he met the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. With her long, flowing yellow hair and a tail like a fish, he knew this must be Maddie the Mermaid.

Little seahorse meets Miss Maddie the Mermaid

“What is your name?” asked the little seahorse.

A sweet voice answered him, “Why, little seahorse, my name is Maddie…Maddie Mermaid. And what is your name, little seahorse?”
Shyly he said, “My name is….umm…ah, I don’t know, I don’t have a name. Everyone just calls me little seahorse.”
“Oh, I see,” said Maddie the Mermaid. “What is that funny, twisty, pointy thing growing out of your forehead?”
“I don’t know. I am looking for King Neptune, the wise King of the Sea, to ask him what it is and why it is on my forehead.”
Maddie Mermaid said, “Little seahorse, I know just where he is. Will you follow me?”
“Yes, I will, Maddie Mermaid. I am very excited to meet him.”

Little seahorse follows the mermaid

The little seahorse followed the mermaid to a magnificent sea palace. Many beautiful fish were swimming around near the high walls. He had never seen anything like it in his whole life.

Maddie Mermaid told little seahorse all about King Neptune and his kingdom. Then they went inside the king’s palace.

Little seahorse and Maddie the Mermaid arrive at the palace

“Oh, my! Oh, my!” exclaimed the little seahorse. “This is even more beautiful than outside.”

Soon they were standing before the throne of King Neptune. The little seahorse was speechless. There before him sat the wise King of the Sea, King Neptune, holding a trident in his right hand.

He had flowing white hair and a white beard. He was clothed in his shimmering robes of the sea. “How grand he looks,” thought the little seahorse.

Little seahorse meets King Neptune

Maddie Mermaid spoke first. “King Neptune, sir, this little seahorse is here to ask you a very important question.”

King Neptune looked down at the little seahorse with the funny, twisty, pointy thing growing out of his forehead and asked, “What is it you want to ask me, little seahorse?”

The little seahorse was so nervous that he couldn’t seem to think.

“Now, now, little seahorse,” coaxed King Neptune, “you have come a long way to ask me, the King of the Sea, something very important. Don’t be afraid to speak up.”

The little seahorse gathered his thoughts together and asked the important question, “Well, Mr. King, I mean Sir, that s…ah…what is this funny, twisty, pointy thing growing out of my forehead? Where did it come from and what is it for?” The little seahorse finally got all the words out and was relieved to see that the king was listening to him with interest. “It all started to grow from a small bump into this long, funny, twisty, pointy thing. I seem to be the only one with something like this sticking out of my forehead.”

King Neptune spoke to the little seahorse with kindness and authority because he was the wise King of the Sea. “Just sit here next to me and listen to the very important story I’m going to tell you. I know everything that goes on in my kingdom. So I know you have been very kind to everyone you have met on your journey here. You also helped Mr. Stingray when he had stung himself. That was a very brave thing to do.

Little seahorse talking to King Neptune

“You have always shown respect to others. You never say bad things to anyone and are always ready to help when someone is in need. Because you are a very wise and good little seahorse, I have chosen you to receive a very special gift. But you must use it wisely the way you did to heal Mr. Stingray. He is very grateful to you and will always count you as his friend. You proved that no matter how dangerous the task, you are willing to be of service. You were ready to risk your life to be helpful. Mr. Stingray is well and healthy now because you helped him.

“Now you will no longer be just a seahorse. You will be a Sea Unicorn and the twisty, pointy thing on your forehead will be known as a Unihorn. The name comes from the earth’s Unicorn Horse with a twist, pointy horn in the middle of his forehead. His horn has healing powers that he uses to help others in his world. With the gift of healing and comfort in your unihorn, you will be able to help creatures of the sea.


“Now you have earned a place in history as the very first Unicorn of the sea, and from now on, your name will be Pego, after the flying horse called Pegasus. Have you ever heard of Pegasus? He was a beautiful white horse with wings that could carry him off to many far places like a bird and with lots of speed.


He was not afraid of anything. He was King Zeus’ favorite flying horse, and many young brave men tried to catch him for themselves but could never catch him. He was always doing good for people in his world. One day he flew up among the stars, where he now makes his home. He is the flying horse of the sky You have earned this name because of your good deeds.

“I know you will use this gift wisely. Thank you for making the long journey to see me. And you can thank my friend Maddie Mermaid for bringing you to me, as well as all of my friends who showed you the way. Goodbye now, my little sea unicorn friend. Come and see me any time. Maddie will guide you safely home.”

Pego said his goodbyes, too. “Goodbye, Mr…Sir…King Neptune, and I will always remember your kind words. I will live my life so that I am worthy of this great gift of love and healing.”

Maddie Mermaid and Pego then left on the long journey back to his home. When they arrived, a large crowd of all his family and friends were there to greet them. Pego introduced Maddie Mermaid to everyone, then thanked her for all she had done for him.

“Maddie, you will be my best friend forever,” he exclaimed.

Little seahorse thanks Maddie the Mermaid for her help

Maddie bent over and gave him a big kiss on his unihorn. “I’ll come to visit you often,” she said with a smile as Pego hugged her goodbye.

Maddie the Mermaid says goodbye and swims away

Pego remembered the words of King Neptune, “With the gift of healing and comfort in your unihorn, you will also be able to help creatures of the sea.” He went about helping his family, friends, and other creatures of the sea.

Written By Lenard W. Eccles©

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The tale of the Little Christmas Tree

It was December and in a corner of an old stable stood a little green tree.  He had been such a happy little tree living with lots and lots of other  trees, and braving all kinds of weather, snow, rain, sunshine and cold winds.  His green leaves known as needles,  kept him warm in the winter and in the summer he would shed some of his needles so that he would feel cooler.  Life was good in the great outdoors and he was very happy.

One day some men came with shovels and trucks and started to dig all the  trees up. He was quite excited at the thought of an adventure as he had never lived anywhere else in his life.
All the trees were put into the back of a truck and taken away only to be put in a barn according to their size.  The little tree being the smallest was put into a far corner with some other small trees.

“These should stay till last” said a man “as they will not fetch so much money”.  The little tree was very worried now.  During the day lots of people came to the barn and paid the man some money and took a tree away.  Soon lots of the trees had gone and the little tree wondered what would become of them, and even more importantly what would happen to him.  He began to feel frightened.

As it grew dark there were only a few trees left.  Some children came rushing in just before the light faded and took the two trees in front of the little tree.

The barn door was shut and the little tree realised he was all alone.  He was now feeling very cold and frightened.  He had never ever been alone before.  He began to cry.  A tear rolled down and before he knew it he was crying his little heart out.  He wanted to be with the other trees.

He could just see some light through a hole in the barn and realised it was a bright star.  The star saw the little tree and asked him what he was doing in the barn.  The little tree told the star that he was all alone and that all the other trees had been taken away.  The star said he was very sad for the little tree.

The little tree fell asleep and had a dream.  He dreamt that he was in a far away country where it was quite hot.  It was Christmas time and there were lots and lots of people about on foot and some on donkeys.  He seemed to be in a stable of some kind, pushed into a corner.

A man and a woman came into the stable and the woman was crying out.  The man held her gently and sat her down.  The next thing the little tree could hear a baby crying.  The baby was wrapped  in a rough blanket and the man pulled a horse feeder toward the woman and put in some straw  The baby was then laid into the straw trough and slept peacefully.

There was suddenly great excitement and some shepherds appeared at the stable door and came in.  A small lamb galloped to the trough and looked at the new baby and stood watching as if to make sure the baby was safe.  Three men in fine clothes and jewellery then appeared, having travelled by camel, as the camels could be seen tethered outside. The men in fine clothes carried boxes of gifts for the new baby.

One of the men then looked into the corner and saw the little tree all alone.  He picked it up lovingly and dug a hole near to the trough and the three men placed the little tree into the hole. They then put two presents under the tree and decked the tree with straw and placed a third smaller package onto the tree, next to the new baby.
Suddenly there was singing and angels with wings appeared to be flying at the top of the stable.  One touched the little tree and placed a star on the very top.
“Christ the King is born to-day” sang the angels”.   “The Tree of Christ watches where he lay”.  The baby shall be called Jesus, and the little tree will be called the Christ Tree”.

There was much happiness and joy in the stable.

The little tree suddenly woke up.  What was happening to him?  He was being pulled  along on a sleigh by a reindeer and a big jolly man dressed in red with a big white beard.  The big man then knocked on the door of a house and children ran out and grabbed the little tree inside and pulled him inside.  The little tree was put into a huge pot of soil and the children were so excited and laughing.  They put lots of pretty coloured lights on the little tree, some coloured bells and balls and finally an angel on the very top of the little tree.

“You are such a beautiful  little tree” said the children.  The little tree was so happy he wanted to cry.  “We shall plant you in garden and each year at Christmas you will be our Christmas Tree.

The little tree remembered his dream.  He remembered the Angels saying that he would be called the Christ Tree.

Somehow word of the little tree’s adventure got out and from that day the Christ Tree has been a very big part of the Christmas story, and we of course know it as The Christmas Tree.

Barbara Brewin 18th December 2010.  All rights reserved.

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The Storm

The wind and rain battered the small shed in the woods. The thunder roared overhead and the lightning streaked through the trees, crackling as it went. Through the cracked window covered with cobwebs Sheila and Ben could see menacing shadows. Was someone out there? So many weird noises. Were there really witches who lived in these woods? They guessed they would soon find out.

They hid under a sack they had found to hide away as they were frightened and all alone. It had been sunny and warm when they had decided to play truant from school and play in the woods. School was so boring and they could not wait to leave. Why did they have to go every day? What a drag.. The woods were exciting and every time they came it was different.

So many things to see and do, so many animals and birds; a joy to behold They got to know all the birds, Ferdie the Fox, Dolly Dormouse and her family and have fun with the Otters. So much wildlife and so many strange and wonderful plants.

The little stream trickling through slowly to who knows where, but happily gurgling on its way. They would sometimes dip their feet into the clear water and feel the chill on their feet but that did not matter to them. This was fun. This was the life.

No rules, no telling on each other, this was their secret.

They could get into mischief and no one would know, no one would find out what they got up to. This was their place, their secret place. This forest of trees kept their secrets, shared their sorrows and rejoiced in their joy of life, laughter and fun.

The forest had always protected them up until now, had always been their friend and hiding place. Now it was turning into a dark and threatening place; a place they did not know. They were sure the trees were moving nearer and nearer, the wind was menacing and loud. The clap of thunder made them jump and they tried to hide further under the sack, clinging to each other for comfort.

They needed help but there was no one to hear them, no mobile phone, no houses close by. Even if they had one it would not have helped as there would not be any signal. They could feel their hearts beating in their breasts. Their chests felt tight and they wanted to be back at the School. If only.

Back in the village Post Office, Madge the Postmistress looked at the clock. Time to shut up for 10 minutes to fetch the children from School as it was such a bad storm. She did not usually meet them, but to-day was different.. She knew they would be scared of the storm. Putting on her scarf and an old raincoat Madge locked the door and battled against the cold wind and the storm. It was so dark, and when she reached the school gates she was a few minutes late. A solitary light shone through a school window and Madge went to the door and saw the teacher about to lock up. All the children had gone.

The children had left about 5 minutes ago and Made assumed they had gone straight home. Must have missed each other on the way.

Back in the forest, the storm was receding slightly. Inside the shed Sheila and Ben were getting a little braver, and came out from under the sack. Shaking off the dust they decided it would be best to make a run for it.

All of a sudden they heard the most exciting and welcome sound. Voices in the forest looking for them and calling their names. . They knew their two best friends would look for them, that they would never let them down.

Sheila and Ben come through the broken door of the shed and the friends ran towards each other hugging one another with happiness.

Making their way back to the Post Office the four friends were looking forward to their tea and the warmth of the bright fire.

Madge had been about to put out a call for them all, but she was so happy to see them that she told they could have whatever they liked for tea.

As for Sheila and Ben, only they knew why they had not been at the school gates as they always were every afternoon to meet Madge’s children and go home with them.

They too would have an extra treat after their tea. A huge great dog biscuit.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©

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A prayer for Sunday

Dear Lord on this your special day
Please help me as I go on my way
To try and live my life through you,
To do all that you would want me to.

Help me to be kind, loving and true
Listening and helping others who may be blue
Show me thy way to be selfless and kind
To my brothers and sisters and all mankind.

Please show me the pathway, rough or smooth
Knowing that you are there whichever way I move
Help me to know when things seem to go wrong
Your arms will be holding me, firm and strong.

For others who do not know of your love
Please bless and help them from above
Give them hope and freedom from fear
Help them to learn that you are always near.

Without you my Lord I would have no life
I would stumble onwards through toil and strife
But dear Lord knowing you are always there
I thank you for carrying the Cross of life I bear.

Come into my life through thick and thin
Loving all who are good and those who sin
Let mankind open their hearts to sing your praise
Please be with me to-day, tomorrow  and always.

Thank you God


Written By Barbara Brewin ©

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April trumpets spring

April the fourth month of the year
Full of hope, sunshine, showers and good cheer
Giggling raindrops soak the earth
As all of nature wakes to its rebirth

Bulbs peep gently through the ground
Birds pick twigs with joyful sound
Flying off their fresh nests to build
So with new fledglings they will be filled.

Daffodils trumpet in their golden hue
Wild bluebells ring out in their white and blue
Yellow primroses fly April’s banner
Drenching the hedgerows in majestic manner

Pink ragged robins dot the lanes
White kek with its lacy window panes
Hedgerows sprouting out in green array
Trees their leaves awakening in the breeze to sway,

Streams and rivers gurgling away
Ducks and geese have flown in to stay
April and nature blend into one
The best month of the year come wind, rain or sun.

Written by Barbara Brewin ©

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The birthday of a baby king

Fairy stars twinkling in the sky so high
Banishing the dark clouds, who leave with a sigh
Lacy snowflakes form a white cloak over the earth
In readiness for a miraculous and heaven sent birth.

A baby King born in Bethlehem
Not for him opulence, jewels nor even a diadem
But a roadway strewn with thorns along the way
God’s only son, Jesus born in a lowly stable to-day.

In manger of straw, lowly born, so few clothes to keep him warm
Mary and Joseph sheltering from life’s storm
This new born baby is God’s gift to mankind
In the hope that the world peace, hope and love will find.

Some Shepherds left their flocks that night
They had to see for themselves this heavenly sight
Three Wise Men, riding on camel back, sages of their day
Gave gold, frankincense and myrrh away.

The brightest star in heaven shone out so bright
Over all Bethlehem it shed its light that night
Angels played their harpsichords in joy
To celebrate the Christmas birth of this special little boy.

Little Donkey stood quietly by the lowly , manger
To nuzzle and protect the new born baby from danger
Cows and sheep their watch did keep
Keeping quiet as Baby Jesus was fast asleep.

God’s promised Son was born this night
The choirs of Angels were a joyous sight
Peace Joy –and hope; the whole world rejoices
Its Christmas Day – let’s celebrate with happy voices.

Written by Barbara Brewin©

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Pippa’s Christmas Lesson

Pippa Alderton lived in the big house on the edge of the village of Bardale, in the Surrey commuter belt. She was an only child and never wanted for anything. She was so spoiled she expected what she wanted when she wanted it and had no time for anything or anyone else.

She went to the most expensive private School in the area in the nearby town of Trussell Marston. Apart from one or two girls who she tolerated so that she could order them about, she had no real friends. Pippa ruled the roost and was happy in her own spoiled little world.

It was Christmas Eve and the shops were full of coloured decorations, loud music and bursting at the seams with Christmas gifts and Christmas Trees of all sizes. People were thronging to get last minute gifts for the holiday.

Pippa wanted to go into town to choose some last minute presents to prop up the dozens of presents already under the largest Christmas tree you have ever seen, with its gaudy bangles and decorations pulling the branches down nearly to the floor. A very expensive fairy decoration stood grinning on the top of the tree

Pippa put on her smart new expensive red coat with a pretty coloured hat, scarf and muff to keep out the cold. Her designer boots clicked as she walked across the huge hall in the house to the huge old rustic door.

The family chauffer, Ben, smart in his Uniform ushered her to the car, opened the door and closed it after her.

Once at the big expensive Department Store, Pippa let rip. She brought dolls, chocolates, games, books, wrapping paper, coloured paper, pencils, even a brand new computer. Poor Ben the Chauffer was given the task of carrying everything until he could not carry any more.

Happy at last Pippa ordered Ben to take the shopping to the car. She then brought a CD player to play music on the way home.

By now it was very dark and the stars were shining brightly, so much so that the roads and countryside were all covered in a white frost. Pippa had lost track of the time. It was getting late. They were the last to leave the Department Store and the road home was very quiet, the hundreds of Christmas Shoppers having long gone home to finish the final touches for Christmas Day and to prepare the turkey ready for the big day.

Oh Pippa was happy; she had everything she wanted and more.

The drone of the car made Pippa feel sleepy and she started to doze off. All of a sudden she woke up with a start. She was cold, the car had stopped, it was pitch black and she felt scared. What was happening? Where was Ben?

She called out. There was no reply. Pippa felt something cold on her lap. It was a torch. Ben had left the torch and a note to say the car had broken down and he had gone for help. She should keep the car door locked and wait until help arrived.

Pippa was so cross. She was not going to stay in the dark in the middle of nowhere. She would jolly well show them. Anyway she had to get home to sort through all her shopping and decide where she would keep everything she had brought. She did not get bored on Christmas Day.

Pippa opened the car door, waited till her eyes adjusted to the darkness and started to walk. It was slippery, it was cold, but all of a sudden the moon came from behind the clouds giving a spooky light amongst the trees at the side of the road. She walked on for a while and suddenly the road came to an end.

She turned around, but the moon had gone in and it was dark again. She was lost and now she was getting scared. She slipped on the wet ground and fell. She could feel mud all over her. She was now very frightened and upset. Her new clothes would be ruined.

She struggled up and in the distance she could see a dim light. She slowly walked towards it, hitting brambles and nettles and overhead leaves. She felt the branches scratching her face and tangling her hair and she wanted to cry. Something she never did.

After what seemed ages she arrived at the site of the light and it seemed to belong to a very run down old house. She banged on the door, and before she could speak the door opened and she fell inside. It was very dim, the main light coming from a few logs on the meagre fire. A small girl in threadbare clothes helped her up and sat her on a creaky wooden chair. The small girl went away and returned with a steaming cup of broth. Pippa looked at it in disgust. The mug was cracked but she was cold so she took a sip. The warmth of the broth stung her throat, but she started to warm up.

Pippa then looked into the corner of the room and a lady was lying there crying and moaning. The woman was crying and in pain.

“What is your name?” asked the little girl, “mine is Holly”. “I am Pippa and I live in a big house”. “Where are all your Christmas presents”? asked Pippa “and where is your Christmas tree? You can’t have Christmas without a Christmas tree and lots of presents.”

Holly replied with a sigh and a brief smile, “Mummy is poorly, daddy is away, so we have no money”. I picked a branch up to-day and some cones and they are in the back room”. “They are so pretty”. Pippa stood up and peeped into the back room. There propped up in the corner was a branch with a few twigs on it, some cones and some cotton wool balls. Not a single present was by the makeshift tree.

Suddenly there was a loud cry; Holly’s mother was calling for help. “Help Holly please, I think the baby is coming early”. Holly listened to her mother and went into the kitchen followed by Pippa. Holly put some water in an old saucepan and started to boil it, she collected some towels. “Let me carry the saucepan” said Pippa.

The two girls went into the living room with the towels and saucepan. Suddenly before they could do anything they heard a cry. There before their very eyes lay a new born baby boy with jet black hair and a screwed up little red face crying his heart out.

Pippa saw a blanket on a chair and ran to get this. Doing something she had never done before she wrapped the blanket around the baby boy. to keep him warm

Holly’s mother started so smile and so did Holly. Holly had a new baby brother. Pippa did not know what to do and felt very awkward. Holly started to sing to the baby boy “silent night, holy night”. Pippa had a very strange feeling, she had a lump in her throat, and her eyes started to fill with tears and before she knew it she was sobbing uncontrollably. She had never cried since she was a baby.

Holly and her Mum had very little and yet they were happy. How could this be? Surely they needed lots of money and food and presents to be happy like she was?

Suddenly voices could be heard in the distance getting nearer. Holly and Pippa ran to the door and Ben stood there with a bright torch and some other people warmly wrapped in scarves and gloves. Ben told Pippa he had been worried when he returned to the car and found her missing. With the help of people from the nearby village, they had found her hand muff lying on the side of the road where she had lost her way and followed the foot indents in the mud to this the only cottage for a few miles.

Gently Holly with the help of one of the grown ups cut the chord from the baby. Holly then handed the baby boy to Pippa who for a moment, took a step back and then opened her arms. The baby boy wrapped his fingers around Pippa’s little finger and she felt a stirring feeling she had not known before, a feeling of love for this little miracle.

Pippa handed the baby back. Holly’s mother thanked everyone for their help and said that she was going to call the baby Joshua.

It was now time to go home.

Pippa turned to say goodbye and went to the door. She suddenly ran back and gave Holly a great big hug. “Can we be friends please?” asked Pippa. “I would like that very much” said Holly.

As Holly went to the door to see her new friend Pippa off and all the villagers, she looked up and there in the sky above the little house was a huge star standing apart from all the others. It was beautiful.

In the distance the village church clock began to chime, slowly very slowly twelve times. The church bells then pealed out their message to say it was now Christmas Day.

Pippa climbed into the rescue car, looked out of the window as the first gentle white snowflakes of winter fell. She had everything she wanted. But……………., Holly who had so little was the lucky one. She had a new baby for Christmas and Pippa would have given ANYTHING to have a new baby brother for Christmas.

Next morning Holly awoke and rushed downstairs to see Joshua and to see if there were any presents under the tree. Nothing – but Holy was happy; she had seen the big lucky star which Joshua had been born under; there was snow on the ground and on the trees. This was better and prettier than the largest Christmas tree in the world. But best of all she had a new baby brother, Joshua.

“Yes” thought Holly to herself “this is the BESTEST Christmas I have ever had”

Meanwhile at home in the big house, Pippa sat under the tree, her presents unopened. How she wished she could change places with Holly. Yes Holly was lucky. She was the one who had everything.that mattered. Perhaps she would call round later with a gift for Holly and Joshua.

But best of all Pippa had found a new friend in Holly, what more could she ask for? Yes for Pippa too Christmas was going to be wonderful after all. A Christmas she would never forget.

Written By Barbara Brewin ©