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Butterflies Butterflies Butterflies All

Butterfly butterfly butterfly, silver studded blue.

Your beauty belies you whatever you do

You skim through the flowers, on petals you sit

Through flowers, fields and grasses you hover and flit


Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly ,creamy and white

On my poor well tended cabbages you will sit tight

Then off you will fly your eggs having laid,

Even more and more butterflies my veggies to raid.


Butterfly butterfly butterfly.,bright ruby red

You raise so proudly your magnificent head.

On gossamer wings you so proudly do fly.

You are so beautiful you catch everyone’s eye


Butterflies Butterflies Butterflies , a kaleidescope all,

You grace my garden with your flutterby call.

Your beauty, your grace and your elegance shine

My garden is yours, please make it your shrine


Butterflies, Butterfles Butterflies, the buddleia tree stands tall and proud

As your silken shimmering wings form one perfect shroud.

A delight to behold, wherever you are

Please visit my garden from near and from far.